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19 August 2011

Queridos Pessoas, :)
The most eventful event of the week, would be related to my big toe. Well it’s been infected quite badly for 7 weeks now, and then I got some other little random infection that popped up wednesday and so I finally decided to go to the doctor.
Let’s start with Thursday morning. We went to the capela, and had our last district meeting with our dear district and our dear district leader. We had a lovely festa with brownies, popcorn, and spiritual thoughts. :) And the best part was when the elders gave us four sisters blessings. Oh my goodness how I was needing a blessing and it pretty much changed everything. Obrigada sacerdocio and lovely elders! It helped so so much. My little big toe was blessed too.
Then after lunch, me and these three dear Sisters headed to the doctor, waiting for an hour in the waiting room, then waiting for an hour and a half in the operating room place, then ol´ Dr. Sixto finally came in.
He fillllled my toe with anesthesia (don’t know how to spell that, or say that, I1m a little confused as to which word is portuguese and which word is english and I think I mixed them together). Basically, after he put in the first couple needles, I didn’t feel a thing. And thank goodness too.
The doctor man grabbed the knife thing and just cut my toe nail in half. Then he got some giant tweezer things and ripped the nail out. Then he took the little knife again and cut off the big blob of infected skin. Twas bleeding quite a lot, but I wasn’t watching. But the sisters filmed it for me and I’ve watched it a couple times now. Still make me cringe. Poor dedinho.
Sister Michelotto was saying how he was cutting my toe just as if he were cutting the fat off a piece of beef. And then after that he got some sort of tool and was zapping my toe. Like burning it to make it scar faster and stop bleeding. So that was that. Then he put a giant bundle of gause on my foot and some cream and some tape and I was good to go. :)
That was thursday afternoon. Then Sister do Prado and I went home,  and I propped my foot up in the air, made cinnamon toast and hot chocolate, and wrote in my journal. Twas lovely.
Then friday I stayed home all day too. Sister Dias stayed with me for the first part of the day, then Sister Michelotto. I made paper snowflakes, ate mango, read Moses, and didn’t shower. I almost forgot I was a missionary. :)
Saturday I was back to normal work walking all day long and teaching peeps.
It doesn’t hurt or anything and it healing quite nicely. I’m taking some antibiotic to get the infection out of me and a little something else so that I don’t feel any pain. Every morning I go to the hospital and they change the bandaging and such. I think tomorrow will be the last day I’ll have to go the hospital and that I can just change it myself. It doesn’t bleed or hurt or anything but it isn’t very pretty.
We have transfers tomorrow. Emoção! Sister do Prado and I will stay here in Aracruz and unfortunately our dear Sister Dias and Sister Michelotto are being transfered. So sad. We’re getting two new wonderful sisters tomorrow night. The saddest part is that I don’t get to go to Vitória for the transfer meeting and I don’t get to see everyone and have a little festa at the bus station. And I dopn’t get to see Sister Morales again for a long time. :( But everything has it’s puropse and tomorrow we plan on finding uma família who is married with lots of kids and all ready to be baptized.
The greater the sacrifice the greater the reward.
This morning as I was about ponderwondering, the scripture Proverbs 3:5-6 popped into my head. It helped me a lot. Tis true né? Sim papai.
I love you peeps a lot and everything is bom demais.

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