Sunshine, you are my sunshine…

26 September 2011

Sunshine, you are my sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear how much I love you, but please don’t take my sunshine away.
There’s lots of sunshine here in Aracruz. Everyday is getting hotter and hotter. Misericórdia. Buuuut, I’ll be leaving this wonderful place and people tomorrow morning. On to new places with new people for new adventures. It shall be lovely of course, but my goodness I will miss all of this here. 5 1/2 months of my life dedicated to the beloved people and land of Aracruz. Tis good.
Our dear Presidente and Sister Araújo came here yesterday for church. They brought some goodies to our house like cups and bowls and the first microwave of Missão Brasil Vitória! Including microwave popcorn. Yay. But I haven’t changed too too much, still not a microwave fan. :)
We asked them if they had any info about transfers to tell us, but they said we’d have to wait till sunday night. Transfers happen tuesday afternoon and we find out sunday night if we’ll stay or go. Then we have monday to pack or bags. Not a huuuge fan of this because I like very much to say goodbye and thank you to the people I love so much, but presidente knows what he’s doing.
And at church sunday school and relief society were all about eternal families! Yay for casamento eterno! :D And Presidente Araújo gave a talk in sacrament meeting, and he told the members of Aracruz how much we love them. And then he said and when the sisters´s love for the people is so great, they get moved to other places to be able to love other people too. Then I started crying a bit because I love these people so so much and I figured I’d be transfered and it’s so sad to leave. :( And after sacrament meeting he told us that I was leaving and the other three sisters would stay here. Then I started to cry a bit more and giving hugs and obrigadas to the wonderful people here in Aracruz.
And we’re teaching so many good people right now who will be getting baptized so soon and I’ll miss out on it. And who knows when I’ll be able to see these blessed souls again, maybe not until the big party in the celestial kingdom. Gave me a nice eternal perspective yesterday. But oh my goodness I am just so eternally grateful to have been here with such wonderful wonderful peeps.
For other news of the week, just look at the pictures.
I found my dear Nilda cleaning the streets.
I did some translating for a dutch man at the police station. And then he bought us sugar cane juice.
We had a fantastico district meeting/festa.
I had a nice art project in my scriptures.
I carried 20 little breads on my head.
I said goodbye to some beautiful souls.
And obrigada tambem.

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