Last week of transfer in Itaparica

27 October 2011

Tis the last week of the transfer here in Itaparica. I think I’ll stay here, but you never know.
We had interviews and zone conference this week. Sooo lovely. I learned a lot and just want to do better. So many things to improve, but that is the beauty of it all, we can always progress! Ser feliz e progredir!
Last week Gabi and Raquel from my first area came and played with us. We ate cookies and I made about 2000 paper snowflakes and played a little ukulele. :D I also made smores on the stove with flavored marshmallows and maisena crackers. Yummo. And this week we had lunch with one of our recent convert families and ate fish. Yum yum fish is heavenly.
Has been lovely and rainy here, thank goodness. It’s not too hot and I’m not melting. But as you can see from one of the pictures, a car drove by and splashed me and I got all wet. :) Funny.
I like this area and tis lovely being here. There are good days and better days and it’s so fantastic when the people understand what we teach. We have two baptisms this saturday of Geter and Maria Teresa. And then two confirmations sunday!
I got a glorious pile of mail this week when we went to the mission office. As always, Lenny and Lexxy and Carolyn, I love everything you all say and send! And Kanasa and Katie and Carla and Buddy… muito obrigada!
Hope life is swell and that Halloween week is happy!

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