mais uma transferencia em Quissamã!

28 January 2012

Just finished a splendid transfer full of faith and miracles and lots of work here in Quissamã with Sister Cunha! And gooooood news (….geico….)! We’re staying here together again! So much to do here and I hope I’ll get to stay my last two transfers here with Sister Cunhazinha. It is going so well and we are helping lots of blessed souls.
But whatever happens, the Lord knows best and knows very well what he is doing.
Heavenly Father made miracls happn here this transfer! So good. From an area without leadership, with the frequency going down everyweek, with only two baptizing weeks in two years, and now to an area with frequency going up evry week and weekly baptisms! Woo hoo! Lots of lovely peeps waiting for the gospel. The field is white!
This week drove back from the bach with 7 peeps in a little green vw bug, and did ti dy with the yw and had lots of lovely fun. I love Quissamã! Yay for missions! And good souls!

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