Happy Week!!

5 April 2012

I love General Conference. What a lovely weeking where the Spirit taught us so much and with such excellent music. Twas a nice time to ponder.
There was lots of focus on the family in the talks. Everything we do in the gospel and in the church is to strengthen families. Everything is about family. I love my family and parents and brothers and sisters and these wodnerful peeps so much, and am happy to be seeing them soon! :) A year and a half is a long time away from home. But it has been so very wonderufl and I will miss mission life so so much.
Life is excellent here in Quissamã as Sister Owens. My companions are lovely and we laugh a lot, especially when the little kids on the street start laughing at our helmets as we cruise by on our sweet bikes. The old people laugh at us too. Everyone laughs. What a blessing to bring smiles to people’s faces. :)
I loved Elder Nelson’s talk in Gen Conf and realized that I need to be more grateful because Heavenly Father blesses us with so many wonderful things and I love this planet and the gospel and the church and Quissamã and being a sista missionary! :D
Moses 1:39. HAppy week!

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