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31 May 2012

I learn so much from Katy and Natalie! I love them!
I told Natalie that I sometimes forget how to play.
She said, “Just use your imagination!”
So I did.
We frolicked. We played harmonica and ukulele. 
We wore Grandad’s hat, a flowered thrift store fedora, and a beanie that Elder Buttars knitted. 
We found lots of good things in nature, 
and we even got cookies and watermelon from the neighbor!
Then we even went and visited other planets.

home in homer de novo

27 May 2012

I am happy to be home with my darling nieces and more of my dear family. We celebrated and made soup together and had a picnic on the lawn.

And HALLELUJAH and PTL, my mission luggage finally arrived. So I have been unpacking them and making a giant mess in the house. Oops.
And went to a homemade ice cream party at Jessica’s (who is leaving on her mission to Louisiana!) And yummy avocado jalepeno ice cream it was.
And then Chris, Edelweiss, Cody, and I hiked down to Diamond Creek beach today and it was grand. Then I cleaned some boats while listening to wonderful musics! Happy times.
Lower 48

TTFN California! See you this fall! (fingers crossed)

26 May 2012
I didn’t really want to leave all of this love and sunshine, but twas time to come home.
The last few days we had a most delightful sunday family lunch.
 We went to the classic Super Taco in Oxnard.
 We played in the orange orchards on this beastly golf cart.
 I had a lovely time thrift shopping and cookie eating with my sista.
 And when I said goodbye to Grandad and Grandma, I found this old family foto. Neato.
 Then on my last day we went to the Los Angeles temple! Twas perfeito! Oh my goodness so so beautiful and good.
 And I just love these Lowrys so so much and can’t wait for everyone to be here in Alaska this summer!
Thank you to frequent flyer miles for this trip. Thank you. Obrigadão.
Lower 48

Santa Cruz Island ♥

23 May 2012
Me, Stacy girl, and Scott ventured out to Santa Cruz Island on saturday.
The fam used to live there before I entered this world.
My uncle and grandad had all sorts of coolio things out there.
Twas a beautiful day.
I wore my sweet colorful tennies.
We took wonderful pictures at Potato Harbor.
Scott with his trophy succulent plant.
Stacy, the trophy wife.
Me with Jaret’s sweet green chest pouch bag.
A natureza divina é perfeita.
lunch time!
the lovebirds
Heeey, who burned down Grandad’s palm trees? Not nice.
It was a very lovely, very happy, very beautiful day! 
I love these peeps and these places. So many blessings.
Lower 48

glassing :)

22 May 2012
Went on 6 am adventure hike up Shelf Road with my uncle Jaret. 
We were looking for deer. 
I wore my new free hiking shoes, and my camo tie dye. :)
And a glassing adventure isn’t complete without your BINO CHEST PACK!
Jaret invented them. He’s cool to the max. Check out his sweet website.
Lower 48

aloha friday… family bike ride!

22 May 2012
I am loving being here in Ojai! I had a grand sleepover at Grandad and Grandma’s. 
They have a sweet collection of old gospel books.
And in the morning, Grandad showed me all his roses and beautiful plants and flowers.
Later that day, sister Stacy, bro in law Scott, and I hopped on the bikes and headed down the trail. We stopped for a picture in front of this old jail.
The happy couple.
hooray for family fun days!
Then we stopped in the park and got on the swings. I love swings.
And the forest was b-e-a-utiful!
We almost took a “shortcut” until Scott the scouter informed us of all the poison oak.
So we went home to this gorgeous cloud! Neato tolledo.
And we had a smorelicious bonfire! I love Ojai, CA.
Lower 48


20 May 2012

I am really loving being here in Ojai, CA.
My uncle Jaret leaves us fresh fruits at the door.
Grandad picks fresh roses for us.
And I read scriptures with Scott and Stacy at night.
Yes. I think I’ll be spending the fall here.

[We went to Santa Cruz Island today. Went a lovely hike. Saw a fox. Ate the best pbj ever. Had lots of allergies. Got a sunburn. And took some grand fotos with the Lowrys.]
Lower 48

Ojai aventuras

18 May 2012
I’m reunited with my silly sally sister. :D
We’ve been finding good things and eating yummy foods and having good laughs.
Tina is liking California too.
I need to spend more time around this place.
I took my first post mission dip in the ocean yesterday. It was glorious. I LOVE salt water.
We saw cool peeps flying above the beach. And this morning I went to yoga with my uncle Jaret. Then we bought a yummy blueberry bran muffin.
I LOVE Stacy and Scott Lowry. 
I am so happy to be here with them.
We eat yummy foods.
We had a delightful dinner at the Farmer and the Cook. Yummy vegan food.
I’ve been hanging out with my grandparents too. I love them. They teach me lots.
And I got to see cousin Shara and her beautiful girls at the airport on my trip down!
Thanks to Holly girl for taking my up to Anchor town.
PS GOOD NEWS. My mission bags, which have been in São Paulo’s lost luggage for almost a month, are finally on their way to Homer, AK!
Oh the blessings!

jump for joy

16 May 2012

I love this place. Ojai, California.
I think I want to come back and stay a while.
I’m here with my sister and my new brother-in-law and my funny uncle and me dear grandparents.
It is very happy and very healthy.


She has always been such a wonderful mother.

14 May 2012

I just love her so much.
[this lovely foto is of Mom back in the day]
And it is so nice to be home with her again, to lay in bed and talk with her, to eat her cookies, to get her hugs.
I gave my homecoming talk today about mothers and about my mission. On the mission, today is a most special day to call home!

My sista is quite the little momma too.
I love the Keintz family.
Took this picture of them outside with the baby chicks.
This was after it had started snowing again.

Mother Nature does things we don’t understand sometimes. Just trust her.

Happy Mothers Day to you and you and you.


first kayaking excursion do verão

14 May 2012

 Dad, Chris, and I went for a 3 day kayaking excursion in the lovely Kachemak Bay. It was grand communing with the sea again.

 We stopped at Gull Island. A classic and a must see for all souls.

 Tina came along. She’s a tiny rubber elefant.

 After a 9 mile paddle, the wind started to pick up, so we pulled up on Right Beach and camped out for the rest of the day. We got in some excellent naps.

 And we had excellent yummy food! Halibut and salmon filets cooked on the campfire. Yummo.

 Day 2 we cruised up the bay, passing Aurora Lagoon, where I used the world’s finest outhouse.

 I discovered I want a cute little cabin too. And I hope you love our kayaking gear. We know we look good.

 Then we stayed at Dad’s friend’s cabin at Bear Cove. And we ate yummy tinfoil dinner that turned into soup, with plenty of garlic, a must have.

 Checking out the cabin complex and found this sweet bathhouse. Nice. Then it started snowing.

 So day 3 we packed up and moved out. I love kayaking with my pops.

 And yes, that is Dad filming the two killer whales that may or may not have been following us.

 We had some great beach stops, and found some beautiful rocks. Love it.

 Chris reenacting his cliffside nap.

I’m so grateful for the lovely trip we had and the things I learned!
PS When we got home I had dinner with some lovely souls from our ward, and I met a fantastic brazilian woman and spoke portuguese with her for 3 hours! It was soooo good! And it was a nice rest for my mind and mouth. English can get tiring. I love Alaska. And Brasil. And lots of things.

sem bagagem ainda

8 May 2012
I have been a returned missionary for 2.5 weeks, and will hopefully get my lost luggage someday soon.
As of late, I have enjoyed a good bonfire with lovely peoples, two of whom speak portuguese! Que alegria! And many others who are returned missionaries or preparing to serve. Twas a good atividade.
I also cleaned my first boat. Fortunately I had Natalie girl to help me.
Then we had a super fun sleepover and we brushed our teeth and told stories and said our prayers.
Sundays are always lovely, especially in your home Homer ward. 
Had a glorious almoco with dad and Lee and the girls too. I love vegetables.
Went to CES fireside sunday night. Twas excellent.
Learn from the trees.
I love Alaska and have been seeing lots and lots of moose and eagles.
But my oh my, how I still miss Brasil. 
The fruits, the beans, the sunshine, the sounds, the sights, but mostly the people.
I’m off on a kayaking adventure in the morn. Time to commune with the sea.

I love mum and pops.

4 May 2012
I love my parents. A lot.
They were with me as I reported to the stake high council about my mission. 
I still miss the mission a lot, but it is so good to be back in AK with the fam.
By the way, I’ve been home two weeks and am still hopefully waiting my bags.
One year ago I was here at this mini Cristo Redentor in Espirito Santo.
And some day I’ll go to the real Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro!

forest adventure shoes

1 May 2012


My beautiful niece and I went and played in the woods in our little red shoes.
We found and hugged lovely trees.
We discovered lots of dry moose poops.
A few of which I am giving to my brother in law as a present.
That’s how we do things around here sometimes. ;)
Happy birthday Jordin. I love you.
Thank you for the sweet birthday tie dye you bought me today.