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22 May 2012

Lower 48

glassing :)

22 May 2012
Went on 6 am adventure hike up Shelf Road with my uncle Jaret. 
We were looking for deer. 
I wore my new free hiking shoes, and my camo tie dye. :)
And a glassing adventure isn’t complete without your BINO CHEST PACK!
Jaret invented them. He’s cool to the max. Check out his sweet website.
Lower 48

aloha friday… family bike ride!

22 May 2012
I am loving being here in Ojai! I had a grand sleepover at Grandad and Grandma’s. 
They have a sweet collection of old gospel books.
And in the morning, Grandad showed me all his roses and beautiful plants and flowers.
Later that day, sister Stacy, bro in law Scott, and I hopped on the bikes and headed down the trail. We stopped for a picture in front of this old jail.
The happy couple.
hooray for family fun days!
Then we stopped in the park and got on the swings. I love swings.
And the forest was b-e-a-utiful!
We almost took a “shortcut” until Scott the scouter informed us of all the poison oak.
So we went home to this gorgeous cloud! Neato tolledo.
And we had a smorelicious bonfire! I love Ojai, CA.