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June 2012

Lower 48

grand post of grand utah fun :D

30 June 2012
I’ve been so busy playing that I haven’t had time to blog!
I am enjoying being here in Utah very much.

Lauren is my roommate from BYU Jerusalem. We sat at the Provo temple and caught up and chatted of good ol’ Jeru times and peoples.
 Visited more Jeru girls too! I went to Jerusalem with Elyse and she and Cambrai served in the same mission as Hermana Cottam!

 Hung out with my mom and her siblings. Played some piano. Ate some food. And bought lots of treasures to send to my dear missionários e amigos in Brazil. Had a sleepover with my dear amigas from BYU Jerusalem and learned some spanish.
Went to the Provo temple and did lots of good things and learned much.
Then I saw my mission trainer and met her fiance!! Yahoo!
Went to the Mount Timapogos temple with Grandma. Beautiful.
 Then we got sandwiches and visited with her neighbor, who had recently received a visit from President Uchtdorf! I love old ladies and someday I will be crazy one.
 Went to Moralesinha’s bridal shower! Yahoo!
 And we journeyed to the movies with her funny fabulous family. It’s funny hanging out with mission peeps outside of the mission. :) And lovely.

Lunched with Jotinha aka Jeff, one of the mission’s coolest district leaders.
 And I volunteered at the MTC (where I previoustly spent two wonderful months learning how to be a sister missionary). I volunteered in the trc, role playing as a less active member and oh my goodness I LOVE missionaries! And then I hung out with Connie while she was working there too. Twas so lovely. I love the MTC.
And I love the Provo temple.
 Did baptisms there with cousin Lindsay and her roomie.
 Then had more cousin fun with the Farnworths and we ate Cafe Rio.
PS Check out the sweet purple van behind us.
 And we went to Brave! It was so cutesy with so many lovely thoughts.. And oh my goodness did you notice my new thrift store find?? They’re hanging on my ears… camel earrings!!!
 And had a fun sleepover with Lindsay and Heidi girl! I love cousins.

We played at 7 Peaks in the sunshine! Water parks are semi weird to me. Where’s the ocean? Why are there so many peeps around? And why is it so expensive? Pois é, I love the beach.
Buuut… Lindsay and I totally went down this big orange slide. Super fun.
 And my sunburn has been peeling like a basilisk! Eeeee.
Saw this sweet Llama Fest sign! I love llamas. And I love my new camel earrings. I went and saw uncle Mark too. I love family.
I love the Skinner’s party palace and watching Heavy Weights outside under the stars!! We played fun games and ate yummy foods and celebrated Suzie’s birthday!
Jerusalem girlies! Now all as returned missionaries. :)

I blogged.
I went and visited my dear uncle Mark again.

He shared with me a quote, which comes from the prophet Lorenzo Snow:
“As man now is, God once was; as God is now man may be.”

And then I got to see my dear friend Jenny from home(r) and meet her husband and see her pregnant belly! Twas lovely catching up on two years of happenings.

It’s super hot here. Thank goodness for the air conditioning. Obrigada.

And hopefully Mom will have no more pneumonia next week so we can all play!
PS When did today become the last day of June?
Many lovely things to do here and many lovely peoples to do it with.
Going to Music and the Spoken Word tomorrow morn! 
Lower 48

Farnworth family fun festa

30 June 2012
at Zion Ponderosa ranch resort.
[the house we stayed at]
 There was a panda,
and some beautiful trees, 
 and lots of Farnworths.
[grandma with her grandkids there and plus four who weren’t. yay cousins!]
We played by the pool. I foolishly didn’t use sunscreen and got friiiiiiied.
 But the next day I wore sunscreen. 
Twas great playing with my cousins and all their kiddos.
We also went on a great fourwheeling/atv adventure.
It was b.e.a.utiful in those mountains.
And as always, it was beautiful in the trees.
And there were some coolio windows.
 And we played dippity, dippity, dip. :D 
A Farnworth Family Reunion classic.
And we played the $5 game too… another classic.
And uncle Marky won $150!!!! Perfeito.
There were many lovely families there and so many beautiful children.
We had lots of lovely times together laughing and eating and chatting.
 On the drive home we went through Zion National Park and I saw checkerboard mesas. :)
Then dear uncle John and I stopped at the St. George temple.
I love road trips.
And I love family fun times.

oldies and goodies

27 June 2012
[Carla and I, age 12 perhaps]  and  [Jane and I, age 17 or so]

These fotos are so classic.
Good times with goodie friends.
And I am having more good times with more goodie friends too!
Tis nice to be here in Utah land with all these templos and good peeps.

[with dear elders in mtc days, november2010] and [now, june2012]


as of late…

22 June 2012

We moved from this lovely house to a lovely little apartment by the Farmer’s Market (yay!).

Mom and Holly girl worked a lot and I had fun playing with my nieces and cleaning boats and helping out a bit. :)

This is 11:11. You best believe I was making wishes.

We left our Alaskan home for a few weeks and I drove to Anchorage with Mom and Pops. Dad went to work and me and Mom are now in Utah!

And I totally saw Jeff (Jerusalem buddy!) at the Salt Lake City airport.
Looking to seeing many more buddies here in UTAH land.

Though I certainly am missising these two sunshines.

Got to UTAH and then we roadtripped for a few hours to get to Zion Ponderosa! Had some dove chocolate promises on the drive, which usually help everything out. Saw some wildlife and had some goodie chats.

These many beautiful kiddos of my cousins played at McDonald’s playplace, where I met a brasileira from Rio de Janeiro! We spoke portugues and it was grand.

Went for a delightful evening stroll.
I love my fam and these peeps and the funny things they do and say.
And I saved a hummingbird today. Nature is perfect.



20 June 2012
First fourwheeling party of summer 2012!
Someone lost their truck. That’s a bugger.
Tis always lovely fun with these souls.
Neato rocks.
Twas sunny and beautiful and chilly willy.
We love rocks.
And I may or may not have gotten baby cones with the girls after. :)

The greatest thing since sliced bread.

18 June 2012
My dad [back in his twenties].

I love him. Quite a lot.
Pops, thank you for showing me so many things about this wonderful world.
Happy Fathers Day! 
And Happy Every Day.
[we played up at Dad’s house after wonderful church yay!]
foto 1 – jumping on trampoline. magical.
foto 2 – they have three newly hatched canaries!
foto 3 – all the wood Dad cut and split. he’s hardcore.
foto 4 – dearest Penelope, my little subie who needs rejuvenation.

The sun is shining! 

since grade three

17 June 2012

Carla is my goodie friend.
We go on good adventures and take good jumping pictures.
The story of this foto cracks me up. 
Thank goodness Ting didn’t get the next shot as my feets pulled my purple skirt down to my ankles on the end of that pier in San Fran.
It would be quite lovely if me and this Carla girl didn’t live so far away from each other.
Lots of musics reminds me of our good times,
which I was listening to after cleaning boats. 
I do miss that fool.

garage sale!!

16 June 2012
We’re renting the house out and moving into smaller apartment.
Downsizing is good. We be selling lots of goodies.
During the sale, I took my beautiful nieces on an ADVENTURE WALK,
which includes musical instruments, adventures hats, and some lovely nature.

We’ve had all sorts of characters here at the g sale.
My lovely kindergarten and sixth grade teachers were here too.
Good times chatting. I wonder if I should be a teacher.

And there was a woman who was cruising around with her parrot in her car.
And another woman who is 106 years old!
Loving these peoples.


Tie-dye is my favorite color.

15 June 2012

I met a boy on the docks in a lovely tie-dye shirt, very well made.
Upon commenting on the loveliness of his shirt, he said,
“Thanks! Tie-dye is my favorite color!”

Mine too!
I love tie-dye.

And then Chris brought me a perfect pbj to help me finish cleaning boats 6 and 7.
I love pbjs.

I cleaned the Raven guesthouse again today. Super nice.
Listened to sweeeeet podcasts. I looooove podcasts and audiobooks.
Last week while I was cleaning I saw this cute little porcupine!

It’s time for me to go to the harbor and clean more boats, but I’m writing a letter to Sister Gabriela Soneghet! I got a letter from her today! I love letters from Brasil. And all letters.


Correios Fact.

13 June 2012

[Natalie helping me clean boats and make letters for our favorite missionaries]
When you send mail,

you receive mail.
[pure happiness opening fun mail from lovely peeps and missionaries]

Porque o que de ti sair, a ti retornará restaurado.
Alma 41:15
For that which ye do send out shall 
return unto you again, and be restored.

11 June 2012
“The place you are in needs you today.”
There was an excitingly big low tide. 
We went to Two Sisters Bakery and got cookies,
Frolicked on the beach and fed some PBJ to a crow,
Took jumping pictures,
Nature walked with a baby shopping cart full of bears,
Made music about flowers and a princess,
Visited the dear old neighbor lady,
She gave us watermelon…

“and becometh as a child”

8 June 2012

…submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him… 

-Mosiah 3:19 (Book of Mormon)

Katy and Natalie teach me what is most important in life. 
Minhas sobrinhas me ensinam o que é o mais importante na vida.

We were at Holly and Jordin’s watching our sweet kayaking video and then I read children’s Bible to them and said prayers with them before sleeping. They’re so darling.

PS I remember being a kiddo and always watching with awe this giant vacuum tube at the bank, suctioning up the can thing. Anyways, I discovered that it still fascinates me. 



5 June 2012

português-english translation:
catch shellfish

português-english-chelsea translation:
on day of super low tide, cruise to Ninilchik with good peoples,
put on warm waterproof-ish clothing,
search for dimples in the sand, jab pointy object into hole,
dig, dig, dig with special clamming shovel,
lay on stomach and shove arm into cold, wet, sandy hole,
feel around for something hard and pull it out,
if pull out rock, stick arm back in hole and search again,
if unable to find clam, go to new dimple in sand,
repeat process until find a few clams or until realize it is time to give up.


Life by the yard is hard; by the inch it’s a cinch.

4 June 2012

found that quote in an article by the prophet, Thomas S. Monson

Some other good quotes from the lovely day of sunday, and a few sunday pictures too, which really have little relation to the quotes…

Elder Bussey: “A little faith is sufficient to do miracles.”
Shirley: “I’ll probably get baptized.”
Chelsea: “Katy, why do you always try to kick me?”
Katy: “Because I no want you to kiss me all the time.”
Natalie: “Mom, why did you eat three cinnamon rolls?”
Jaret: “You’re a breath of fresh air.”

these days

3 June 2012

All I do these days is play with these two little rascals. I feel good about that. Sleepovers. Storytelling. Picnics. Creating mail. Foto taking. Tie-dye parties (and I have just made my best tie-dye shirt yet, which I have worn consecutively the past two days.)
It is very nice to be home again. Although I certainly do miss testifying of the restoration and plan of salvation. But I did have an excellent mini missionary lesson yesterday evening in the harbor.
I am quite content and grateful for what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen. I have spent a good time pondering over these happenings while sitting in trees. One such evening in one such tree, I even got shot in the arm with a bb gun, which was awesome, and didn’t leave too much of a mark. 
It is stake conference weekend. The adult’s session tonight was SO excellent. Such a good spirit. I love the gospel and doing good things and feeling goooooood. Love it.
PS Look at this perfect picture I found in my photo booth. Right before I left on my mission to Brasil! This is so classic.