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10 April 2013


Empower Your Dreams

10 April 2013
I leave this island tomorrow. I’ll be Alaska bound soon! I took my last exam this morning and am working hard at finishing up my last two papers today.
A couple weeks ago there was an entrepreneurship conference on a blessed Thursday and we had the day off school! So here’s an account of that day’s adventures. 
Miss Alyssa and I went to Veltzyland with my little surfista roomie Taylor. She caught some lovely waves and we took pictures. Wish I had some to share.
We also befriended this big ol’ monk seal! And by befriend, I mean we’re not quite friends yet. I apparently got to close and he lifted up and barked at me! Scary… btw this is Alyssa in this picture, not me, in case you were confused. 
(Sometimes I think pictures of her are actually pictures of me.:))
Then we fetched a couple other ladies and headed back to the North Shore. 
I’m really grateful Taylor has a car for us to go on adventures once in a while.
I’ll be needing a car this fall when I come back for my last year. 
It will improve life muchly! Although it’s already pretty great. 
We lunched at Haliewa Eats. Thai food. Soooo good.
I got some summmmmer rolls. Yum.
And guess what Alyssa and I got… starts with PANANG and ends with CURRY.
I love it. Divine.
A trip to Haleiwa usually includes a stop to visit the honu/sea turtles! :)
Keryna was soooo excited and it made me really happy.
The waves and current were too big and strong to play in the H2O 
so we laid in the sand.
And went to a yummy bakery and got smoothies. :)
And then on our way to THRIFT STORES we checked out these bubblegum trees at the Dole plantation. They’re like rainbow trees or something. I don’t know still. But they don’t taste or smell like bubble gum.
Pineapple ice cream was in order as well.
Then came thrift stores and a night at Taylor’s workplace of Cholo’s for a Mexican fiesta. 
Such a good day.
Empower Your Dreams.
That’s what the entrepreneurship conference was called. 
I feel like I did that. :)