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13 July 2013



13 July 2013

First, it’s 11:11 pm. Yay!
Second, I tie dyed this week!
Hallelujah! That makes me feel more like normal Chelsea girl.
My beautiful nieces helped me.

Third, it’s been super beautiful lately.
I love summer in Homer.
It’s the greatest.

Fourth, Chris boy and I are having lots of great summer Homer funs.
It’s already been a year since we had our funny awkward first kiss. Hehe. :)

Fifth, and super important, we have a super nintendo now.
Mario for days, kids, days.

Sixth, I do lots of lovely boat cleaning.
Seventh, it’s not actually lots of boat cleaning, but it is some and it is lovely.
And it is so beautiful here!
Mmmmm I love it.