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25 February 2014


Tuesday Morning

25 February 2014

It’s Tuesday. I think I need to listen to the book Tuesdays with Morrie again soon. I remember my mom always listening to it on tape.

I used to always listen to Harry Potter on tape. Oh I do love Harry Potter.

So each Tuesday morning I have a work meeting at 6:30 am. That hour is the only time that works for all 10 of us to meet together. When I came back home, my Chris boy was still in bed, which was great. It’s a chilly rainy day here in Laie, and so on my bike ride home, I got a bit wet and chilly. It’s so nice to have Christopher around all the time to cuddle with me and keep my warm. :)

On this cold, gray morning, I haven’t felt like doing too much but staying cozy in bed and watching something. So I chose to watch Magic Beyond Words. :) It’s the story of Joanne (J.K.) Rowling. It was great to watch and made me love Harry Potter even more.

Harry Potter is completely magical.

I really really want to go to Harry Potter World.

But I want to go to Brasil even more.