date night

20 February 2014

Boy: “What are plans for tonight?”

Girl: “I was thinking maybe Boston’s pizza and a movie in Kaneohe.”
Boy: “Me too!”
So that’s what we did. And it was really lovely.
Chris and I don’t have a car here on the island, but my dear old roommate Taylor let’s us use hers when we need. So when we were done with work and school stuffs, we headed east, to Kaneohe.
On the drive we listened to a great, helpful audiobook.
It was beautiful cruising along the shore. I love this island.
However with all the windy turns I do tend to get car sick all the time, 
especially on the bus… da bus…
We found Boston’s Pizza on yelp. Yelp has helped us find lots of great food. 
They have great thin crust, not too much cheese, and I usually have them add fresh pineapple on top of mine. So good. Yum, I want some now.
We stopped at the store for some movie treats – cadbury mini eggs for me of course, which I just learned right now that they sell on amazon!
And we watched the Monuments Men at the lovely theater, Ko’olau 10.
I really enjoyed watching the movie. Thought it was great. It was nice and historical and well done, not too heavy, not too light, plenty of funny parts, good little background music, good characters.
I used to not really watch or even like movies. Chris loves movies. He has pulled me to his side on this one. Yay movies. Hooray netflix! 
On the drive home we listened to lots of good ol’ jams. 
My all time favorite – Glycerine by Bush.
And then some Metallica to take husband back to his drummer days. :)
There’s nothing like singing in the car with your favorite boy with the lovely Hawaiian night breeze coming through the windows. 
When we came home we some motivation to run (probably from sugar overload) so we went on a really great run in the dark under the stars. We ran this road that goes behind the Polynesian Cultural Center and BYUH campus, and it’s just a dark gravel road, in the middle of Hawaiian jungle. :) It was really great just listening to good music, running under the stars, and hearing Chris’s feet by me.
Well I haven’t run two miles in a while. When I do run it’s on our beach and it’s not quite 1.5 miles. And after having eaten pizza and too much chocolate and running harder than I normally do, I wanted to throw up. :) I guess that’s not too bad of a thing. It’s great to exercise well and work out hard. We gots to take care of oursmelves.
Anyway, I’m just kind of rambling on about feelings and moments that I don’t want to forget. We got back from our run and went on a great cool down walk on the beach. It was nice and dark and starry. I did stub my toes on a big piece of coral and that was dumb. Made me swear in my head. It happens. :) Then I jumped in the ocean and all was well!

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