omg dolphins!

14 February 2014

Chris and Taylor and I went and played on the west side of the island for most of the day today.

We went snorkeling at Electric Beach. I had only been there once before, 6 years ago when I was getting my scuba diver certification.
Wow, today it was so great.
The water, sooooo blue. Like the bluest water I’ve ever seen.
Lots of super cool fishes too.
And there were a couple honu, sea turtles!
The best part, the dolphins!!!
I’m still so happy and excited about it. It was crazy.
We had to swim out pretty far to find them. The dolphins usually hang out around Electric Beach and Taylor had swam with them a few times and showed us the ropes today.
We had snorkels and fins and boogie or surf boards. And we swam swam swam in the DEEP BLUE SEA after the dolphins. They kept swimming farther away though and we could only see them from a distance.
So we waited around. The water was probably like 60 feet deep maybe, a nice sandy bottom.
And then we saw their fins coming.
So we put our snorkels and masks back on and it was so sunny and blue and amazing.
I was in the water and looked down and saw probably like 30 below me.
And there were lots of baby dolphins too. So cute!!
And then I turned to the other side and pretty close to me were a bunch more dolphins swimming from the surface of the water down to the bottom.
It was an amazing moment.
And then I was just swimming along watching them and they kept coming from behind me and there were dolphins all around! And the sun was hitting the water and there were lots of magical sun rays in the water shining around.
Wowie. It was so great.
And this went on for quite awhile. We just cruised around with them and watched them. We didn’t ever get close enough to touch them, but got quite a few pictures that happened to turn out!
Overall, the day was full of blue water, sunshine, dolphins, laughs, and so many great things! Feeling great right now. Just a little sunburned. :) But all is well. We love the dolphins (of Miami and Electric Beach)!







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    That is incredible!!! I’m so glad you got to have such a fun experience!!!

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