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27 August 2014



27 August 2014

Humans of New York is inspiring. I love their posts @humansofny, that come up on my instagram feed. So humanizing and real, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, but real. I’m grateful for humans and all they do and all they are. Especially grateful to know and be with so many stellar humans. I’m also grateful to be with stellar animals! Like our new kitten! More on that later. :)

They’re building two duplexes right next to our house right now, and it cuts into our path to our magical forest and trail. We haven’t been too pleased with the construction and development, but we know that now there can be more great humans around! Still have mixed feelings about wanting to head for the hills and buy a few acres of trees and plants to surround a home for us, but it’ll be nice to meet the new peeps that move in here at Aprill Place. And we still have a gravel road here at our home, and there’s still lots of green around, so it’s quite nice.

Btw, this picture doesn’t have much to do with this post, other than it has my most beloved human in it next to me. This was taken camping across the bay. Summer has been grand. I have to go to work right now right meow though. I’ve been working a lot, and I’m ready to work less and bundle up in sweaters and beanies. It makes me excited for winter.

For winter, my plans currently consist of volunteering in my nieces’ kindergarten and second grade classes, sending out our wedding thank you cards, learning to play the harmonica, make plans for our Brasil trip, get sealed in December in Manti, maybe get an internship done and get my degree, and play Super Mario on super nintendo. I’m hope you can understand my excitement.