We all want to run.

30 August 2014
Today we had the privilege of attending the temple with many of the beloved souls from our Homer ward. I have so much love for the Homer ward family. And it was so special today being in the temple with people who have known, loved, and supported me since I was a little babe and a young whippersnapper. Really special. It was am extra special day too, because our dear Annitta, a recent convert, received her endowment today and I am so glad we could all be there together, bound in our love for each other, the Lord, and his gospel.

A trip to Anchorage is usually accompanied by a stop for pizza at the Moose’s Tooth, as well as a visit to costco, to stock up on the goods. Omg, Moose’s Tooth pizza is the best. So good. Yum. Costco was good too since it’s lots cheaper buying stuff there than here in Homer. But at costco you often end up buying so much more, so it’s probably not too much of a money saver. We did get our most favorite corn chips though! And plenty of frozen fruits, and our favorite bread, and some chocolate chips, and I couldn’t pass up this great raincoat they had too. Good finds. :)
And we came home to our kitties and pup, and then left to go clean boats. Most fortunately, Husband is a helpful one and a great boat cleaner! Work is so much better with him. Play is much better with him too. Life is so good together. 
So I haven’t really been journaling too much lately, but I am blogging more. Feel free to read, or just look at pictures. :) 
Oh! Why I wanted to blog today, was because when we were cleaning boats, Chris made a pretty bloggable statement. We were running down the ramp and on the dock and I talked about how remember being kiddos, and you just wanted to run. And you’d just run and play and be so full of energy. I don’t know why it takes so much effort sometimes now to run, or exercise. But Chris said, “I think deep down, we all want to run.”
That was a pretty good thought. So I said I’d blog about it, and he said maybe I should run a few miles first, haha. That’s a good idea. 

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