Labor Day

2 September 2014

I ran around in the forest with Edel this morning. It felt rejuvenating to run. It was beautiful and wet with morning dew and light with morning sun. I stubbed my toe super bad a few times on roots and sticks, causing me to swear in my head. Oops. And anytime I’d hear something in the trees, I’d look around and start running faster, thinking the noise came from a moose or bear. :)

Then my mom, my sister, and her girls went for a walk through town and then the forest. I brought our adventure kitty Bel! She didn’t like it. She was just really afraid and felt unsafe so I just held and cuddled her most of the time. She was happy to get home, and so was I, because I loooove our home so much.
Right now I need to go clean boats. I mean, three hours ago, I should’ve gone to clean boats. But I just don’t feel like leaving my home. :) It’s a bit annoying how I put off boat cleaning (and other things) sometimes. Buuuut we’re all learning and growing. And each day, we just need to be a little better than yesterday. 

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