cold air, clean carpets, and cookies

26 January 2015

It is chilly outside! And beautiful. I love walks. Today on my walk with Edel, I had to turn it into a little run so I could stay warm! Brrr I haven’t been that cold in a while. It was oddly refreshing. :)IMG_7616

Edelweiss is shedding right now. We could brush this much hair out of her every couple days right now. “They don’t call them German Shedders for nothing!” And then I cleaned the carpets today too, and they look significantly better thanks to my stepmom’s rug doctor. This color and type of carpet is not ideal for us, but I LOVE CARPET. So cozy and nice.


Our friend Richard joined us for dinner tonight, which was lovely. We shared some butternut squash soup with roasted chickpeas. I LOVE making food and sharing it with people. Love it. I learned some good things today and my desire to learn all sorts of things is growing, especially after some very inspiring Humans of New York posts today. Check them out. HONY post enlighten me everyday. Today I held some home concerts with my guitar and ukulele. The animals really enjoyed it. :) It was fun playing and singing again. I haven’t been practicing much lately, though I do make sure to play piano regularly. My harmonica skills are still minimal, but shall increase soon! :) IMG_1779Also, incase you were wondering, yesterday’s fantastic cookies are mostly in my belly. I won’t tell you how many cookies I ate today, because I really have no idea how many. Probably like 20 haha. Not kidding. Boa noite!

OH! I saw Robby today! I LOVE HIM! He’s my downs syndrome foster brother that lived with us for about 7 years. It was soooo good seeing him and hugging him. He is full of light and love and it was contagious.

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