18 April 2015

Spring + Winter = Sprinter


The weather has been kind of kook lately. I wonder why we always talk about the weather. Like when I talk with my grandparents, the weather always comes up in conversation. Or when I casually talk with people at the grocery store, we start talking about the elements outside. I wonder why we humanoids do that.

Anyway, after anxiously awaiting snow month after month and day after day, I finally gave up on winter coming and was preparing myself for summer. It was sunny. The ground was kinda soggy and muddy. And then it snowed. And everything was lovely and white. And then it rained. And then it snowed. And rained.  And hailed. And snowed. And rained. And moisture continued to fall from the sky in all its forms. And here we are now, experiencing sprinter.

Husband and I drove down from Anchorage last nights and the elements were on fire, frozen fire. The driving conditions were very far from ideal, but we made it home and safely into our bed. I love bedtime, what a great invention.

Today is Saturday. Remember the days of excitedly waking up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons? I had that excitement this morning, just to be home and play and do whatever. And then some bad and frustrating things happened, so I cried and talked with my honey and my dad and my mom and felt a bit better…

Bel still hasn’t birthed her kittens yet. Anxiously awaiting over here. Her little children and her belly still probably have some growing to do, so maybe they’ll be here in a week or so, but I’m hoping tomorrow is the day before Chris heads out of town for two weeks. We love our animals a lot. They are so good to us and make us laugh and smile (and sometimes get annoyed) everyday. :)

Chris has been working a ton, so much. I’ve been subbing quite a bit. Good things. And all that makes saturdays at home much more delightful. I’m hungry.




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