Uuvm kI miss Chris. I’m Zzzzzxxxxxxxxxxx and 

27 April 2015

*disclaimer: I wrote this post as I was falling in and out of sleep. I was going to rewrite it, but I think I like it in its semi sleepy form.

Chris is gone for two weeks. So here’s our last 2 months of selfies!. I’m usually the one that wants to take a selfie. I just like the (sometimes mediocre) picture so I can create and preserve memories.

Also, I’m in bed with intentions of reading and writing, and I keep falling asleep. That’s why this post has a funny title, because I fell asleepy. :)

These selfies start when Chris flew to Duluth, MN to meet with cirrus aircraft. Lots and lots has happened since then! I’m feel really blessed. And we are happy campers.

Also, Bel gave birth to a precious little girl kitten! More on that later. It’s been my focal point the past week. :)


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