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1 February 2016


February for Self Love

1 February 2016

Self love has been on my mind a lot lately, especially now that it’s February: love month! Recently, a friend did a selfie and affirmation challenge on Facebook, and it was very refreshing to see her honest, open, real, and beautiful posts. She encouraged self love and self acceptance. I’ve also sort of been doing a 30 days of yoga camp (but only once or twice a week instead of every day) that has been using simple affirmations which encourage mental and emotional well being. The emails I get for that each day are pretty uplifting, but then I get discouraged and annoyed because I’m just reading the emails and not doing the yoga haha.

I think the people of the world could use more self love, myself included. I think I’m a pretty neato human being, with some great strengths, plenty of weaknesses, and with a very blessed soul, and I want to have more love for myself. Negative thoughts are toxic and dumb and positive thoughts are super super duper!

I was feeling a bit discouraged tonight, maybe because it’s monday blues, or winter blues, or PMS, and so I read some love notes I received from people from my mission in Brazil. Those people gave me so much love! Reading their notes reminded me of the treasured memories and feelings, and of how blessed I really am. I am so grateful to the open, nonjudgemental friendships I have with people from my mission  – companions, friends/family, and people we taught. I can’t express the joy that their love brings me and my gratitude for their Christlike examples.


So for some self love… here’s a few things I love about myself.

I love that I’m happy and cheerful; I believe it’s a God given gift. I love that I usually choose to be happy and I generally make pretty good choices to keep me that way.

I love that I’m a peacemaker. Oh, I love that a lot. I think it is something that first came naturally to me, but is also something I have sought to develop so that I can help bring a little peace to others. I love that I’m not contentious or argumentative, but that I try to keep an open mind and understand what the other people are going through.

I love my body, usually. I want to take better care of my body, for after all, we only get one! But my body is great and takes such good care of my soul. And I take pretty good care of myself, just want to be better, I guess, like eating better and exercising more regularly. But I can do so many wonderful things with my body and I hope to always appreciate its beauty and function.

I love that I make super great cookies, and other tasty food too. But I love being a good cookie maker.

I love that my parrot earnings are Chelsea iconic and that I wear them all the time.

I love that I have bluish-greenish eyes. I love that I tan well. I love that the end of my nose is really squishy and folds in half.

I love that I’m kind.

What do you love about yourself?? Write it down. <3