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11 February 2016


Hump day

11 February 2016

Yesterday was Wednesday. My question of the day from my perfect Q&A a Day journal was “If your day way an animal, what animal would it be?”

I decided it’d be a camel, not just because it was Wednesday, but because the day had some humps, some good highs and definite lows, but it was steady, kept moving forward. Parts of the day were slow, parts were fast, some parts looked kind of funny, but overall I liked it.

The past few days of work have been enjoyable. I’ve been in the intensive needs classroom at the middle school, where my mom works. She works with great people. 

After school I needed to prepare for our combined activity at church. The young men and young women were having a cake/cupcake wars activity, with a Plan of Salvation theme. They split themselves into groups of 3-4 youth and began creating!

Plan of Salvation graphic
Here’s the creative creations. :) I’m so pleased with how the activity turned out. Sometimes things take a lot of work, time, and preparing, and I get worried that it doesn’t matter, that my thoughts and efforts aren’t good enough. I actually started crying a bit on the way to the church last night, because I was overwhelmed and frustrated with Wednesday activities. Once the kids were all in the groups and working together to make Plan of Salvation creations, it made me really happy and glad. I serve with great people, who are helpful and dedicated, and I’m so glad Christopher serves with the youth too.