Fort Sleepover

27 May 2016

Landlines are almost obsolete, but my sister and her husband have to have one for emergency work purposes. So from the landline phone, I occasionally get happy calls from little Katy, “Hi, Chelsea!” It’s wonderful. Sometimes I call that house phone to talk with my nieces (it’ll be weird when they have cell phones someday). And yesterday I called to invite the girls over for a sleepover!

I prefer having Chris around, because I get bored if I spend too much time at home with just myself and I get sufficient alone time most days. So while he’s at scout camp this week, he told me to spend lots of time with my fam and to play with the girls. So I am. Well, now I am, since I finished watching the Great British Baking Show yesterday. I love that. :)

After I washed my uno first boat last night, I picked up the girls and we came home, after jumping on their new, borrowed trampoline for a few minutes. Katy played with Edel while I ate the tin foil dinner Sister made for me, then we played some gooooood Mario. 

Natalie has played quite a lot of super mario world on Super Nintendo, but Katy is a lot more timid with it. However, she was playing some last night and that was great. It’s always a good time when you get to those switch palaces!

I fell asleep on the floor – I’m kind of extra sleepy these days – but woke up to help build our fort! It turned out great and it we had a nice bed in there for us three and the dog and our stuffed animals. 

It was 11 at the time, so we decided to watch a movie. :) We could’ve easily gone to bed too, but it’s just fun to watch a movie in the fort. We all agreed on Pocahontas 2, and I made us a little fruit plate. I’m loving fruit more than usual lately and probably eating too much of it. I’ve been doing good with water drinking though! Need to exercise more. 

In the morning, after I had read my scriptures and taken a nap, and after Natalie played some Nintendo and read the gnomes book, we woke Katy up, made a smoothie, and went for a walk. We took the soccer ball and had a great time playing on the field. 

Then we came home and tie dyed! I love creating tie dye and have some old sheets that I’m excited to turn into a work of art. :) I love spending time with these girls!

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  • Reply alyssa stevenson 31 May 2016 at 11:55

    All these pictures just really makes me miss you lots. You are the most fabulous aunt and that fort looks epic and tinfoil goodness.

    sorry you are extra sleepy lately, looks like you still know how to have the best time though.

    miss you lots friend.

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