Little Bullwinkle

27 May 2016


Edelweiss and I were outside playing outside, and out by the neighbor’s pops Mr. Moosey. He seemed pretty curious about us and the cat and my car, Penelope, and he walked right over. Once Edel saw him, I put her inside. She was barking at him and I figured it best they not encounter each other. :)

He was just cruising around the lawn, eating leaves off the alders. I took a couple mediocre phone pictures, and a few snapchats for my homies, and then I watched the snapchat video. It was magical! All the birds were chirping and little moose was just scratching his back with his face, and tried getting a leg itch too. He has tiny little antlers budding and he’s just a yearling, so he’s pretty small. When I realized the magical moment I was having, I decided to get out the nicer camera.

Chris had a nice camera that we took on many adventures and got some exceptional photos with. Buuuut we dropped it in the ocean last year and it stopped working. We have my dad’s camera, which is nice, but not the same as our old one. But the best camera is just the one that’s with you! We haven’t used my dad’s camera much at all and have mostly just been doing iPhone pics the past year, which are pretty decent and extremely convenient. But I’d really like us to have super great quality photos again. It’s a lot of extra work to haul camera gear around, and take time for pictures and such, and then to process and go through them later, but a good photo capturing a lovely memory is worth it.

Tonight I went to the harbor to clean my one boat for the evening, and I decided to sit in the car for a half hour on my cellular, and then I got a call from the captain! He said he was out fishing with friends and didn’t need the boat cleaned. I was happy. :) I would’ve been totally fine cleaning it too, and then would’ve made some dolla dolla bills, but I’m always delighted when I have less boats.

So duh, I went and got some of my favorite pizza. And I magically ran into our good friends there and we ate together and caught up. It was great and perfecto.

Now I’m watching Snow White and growing a baby in my belly. Chris gets home tomorrow evening, or Saturday morning, and I’ll be happy to hug and kiss him and for him to hold me tight. I love him lots.

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  • Reply alyssa stevenson 31 May 2016 at 11:53

    “So now im watching snow white and growing a baby in my belly”
    hahahha i love you. I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl!

    That is a way cool camera shot of your moose friend.
    i had no idea you guys dropped Chris’s camera in the ocean. That is such a bummer and makes me feel sick and sad inside.

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