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18 July 2016


HI! Just putting off boat cleaning here.

18 July 2016

I have one boat to clean. It’s been in for just over 3 hours. But I haven’t yet gone to the harbor because I’ve been occupied hanging out at home with the animals.

Chris’s brother and two oldest nephews have been here this past week, and they just left this afternoon. They all got some great man/boy/Alaska time, which was perfect for all of them. I got to spend some time with them too and I’m so glad they were able to come.

Honestly, sometimes you’re very glad to see people come, and you’re sometimes very sad to see them go haha. It’s just nice to get back to your regular life I guess. However, it would’ve been really nice to have Lincoln, Logan, and London around longer. Logan and I just started playing Super Mario World last night and we could’ve done more of that! :)

We usually get plenty of visitors here to Alaska and it’s nice to show people the land and life we love.

Some other visitors were the Darlings. We grew up with them as close family friends, and they hadn’t been here for 15 years or so. So nice to catch up with Frances and Amy and it was wonderful for them to be back here.


I’m so grateful to have Holly girl around. So glad we’re friends and that we have each other here. We miss our other sister Stacy girl too. How lovely to have siblings for BFFs.13709755_273558643003962_7924555842282663510_n

And here’s my honey boy and I on a little boat ride. Boats… how nice they are! I love exploring around the bay and hanging out on different beaches.13529235_1148981138456308_8527464747881720948_n

I’ve done a little adventuring with my sister and brother in law and the girls, and that’s always a good time. Here’s me and my two favorites getting pulled in the zodiac behind the Arctic Assault. Haha it was so funny.13697009_273559493003877_3285038927409521986_n

Our friend Jeanee took some pictures of me and of Holly and the girls. It was fun fun! Nice to get some pictures with my perfect belly that I love so much. I’m loving being pregnant and I love feeling the baby move inside of me~13697012_10208123898349089_3615336331093299851_nDad and I went on a boating/kayak trip to Prince William Sound with a couple from our ward, Dave and Ann. They are actually the owners of the cabin my dad built and one of my childhood homes. We had a great few days on the water with them. I love this picture of Dad. I took the canon 60D with us and snapped some few pictures. It was nice to use a nicer camera than the iPhone, though the best camera is the one that is with you 13707552_10154246683227667_5510021179080797320_n

I love living around family and am grateful for all of them. My mom has been gone a lot this summer and we definitely miss having her around! My dear brother Jake and his girlfriend live just about an hour away, and it’s so nice to see them more often! I haven’t seen Chris enough lately though – WE MUST GO TO SUMMIT PASS.13718644_273559543003872_7381654764762269546_n

Our weather has been stupendous, which of course makes life much nicer. I’m so glad to be tan again! Or to at least have a tan head and arms and some color on my legs. My belly is pretty white, but it’s stretch mark free, so that’s good!

Allergies haven’t been great for me, which has made me look forward to winter. I can’t be allergic and exhausted like this next summer with a little babe around. I’m excited to meet our little human and to become best friends with him or her!

I love feeling the baby move inside of me. Love it. I’ve gained about 15+ lbs so far I think. I’ve been trying to eat healthy and not be a sloth, and I’ve been doing alright with that. :) Been drinking water pretty well – gotta take good care of the bebe!

Oh! I watched a birth video and have been reading more about it, and I’m scared and nervous to push a baby out of me! But women have been doing it for ages, and if I’m good and in tune with nature :) my body should know what it’s doing. I need to do mo’ yoga because that’ll help me with everything. But seriously, birth, wow. But then… BABY!

Boat cleaning is going great, since I pretty much have one boat. It’s so nice to not be down there till 11 or 12 every night. Usually I’m always done by 8. Today I could’ve been done at 6, but here it is 9 pm, and now I’ll head down there. :) I wonder how many boat cleaning procrastination blog posts I have…

I feel really blessed and grateful for my good life full of people I love.