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24 July 2016


Domingo night 

24 July 2016

Piper cat is scratching at our bedroom window right now, wanting to go out and frolick in the dark rainy night. Our animals crack me up. Piper and Bel cuddle all the time, and the play fight a lot. Piper just lays on top of her mom and makes herself nice and comfortable. And she’s always going up to Edel and cuddling her too. Or if she isn’t, Edel is chasing her around the house to pin her down and munch on Piper, while Piper purrs along. 

I just let her out. Hopefully she and Bel don’t kill any birds or mice tonight. And since the window is closed, I know they won’t bring any live birds or mice inside to play with and kill, like they have previously done about ten times. Oh cats. 

Now I’m getting to sleepy to write about anything but our animals…

Well, the baby is moving lots and lots! Right this second he or she is wiggling around and I love it. Oh I love love love feeling it move. I love everything about being pregnant. Yes, I really do. 

I love the random comments and compliments from strangers and from friends. I love how beautiful the pregnant belly is. I love that I can nap when I’m sleepy. I love that I didn’t have to clean the litter box when we were cat sitting. I love how happy all our family is about our pregnancy. I love that my nieces always give me and my belly a hug. I love dreaming of the baby’s room. I love wondering how our half Chelsea and half Chris will become. 

Here’s a magical maternity photo that our friend Jeanee took the other day.