Milk Factory

17 December 2016

That’s me. I’m the milk machine around here. That means I’m the soul who feeds our sweet boy all the time, and it really feels like it is all the time. He’s a growing boy and needs to eat! And technically I could pump and we could have a supply of milk and Chris could feed him with a bottle sometimes, but I’m scared of the breast pump. :) And he’s only 3.5 weeks old and I don’t want him to use a bottle yet. I’m lucky I get to feed him.

Breastfeeding wasn’t super easy for the first few days. Like weeks 1-2 were harder with some raw/sore nipples, but we’ve gotten over that. And I know breastfeeding can be much more difficult for some new mothers, so I’m glad it’s been pretty good for us. And I’m grateful for the nipple shield that was helpful when breastfeeding hurt.

When he eats, I get to watch his cute little face and hear the funny noises he makes. Sometimes he acts so desperate and head bangs around looking for his source of power, aka breast milk. I just watch him and he’s so cute. And sometimes he smiles a little bit which always makes me smile and laugh. And when he has a burp or a toot he gets pretty figetty and sometimes cries till it comes out. Sometimes he gets his arms and hands in the way while feeding and sometimes he uses them to navigate around. And when he’s done eating he unlatches and his head gently falls back and his eyes are closed and sleepy. 

I’m really grateful I can breastfeed and help sustain my boy. So far I am not a big fan of any of my nursing bras and I have a hard time finding good shirts to wear that  I can easily nurse in, that I feel good in, and that would look okay with milk stains haha, but I’m figuring things out. But it’s a lovely bonding experience being the one to feed little Apollo. I love being his mother.

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