Visits to the Mariner Theater

17 December 2016

In his few weeks of life, my Apollo boy has already been to our Mariner Theater three times! Thanks to this Christmas season and outings with my nieces.

The most recent event was Natalie’s Christmas concert. She’s in 4th grade and they played some songs on the recorder! It was so classic and great. Their music teacher does a great job making a program for a big load of kids, and they even had ukuleles in the performance too.

Little Katy wanted to hold Apollo as much as she could. It was pretty cute. 

Another outing was to the Nutcracker! I love watching the Nutcracker each year and Homer does a great job at putting the performance together.

Katy and Natalie love holding their baby cousin.

My sister got us free tickets because the night we went was like some performance for schools/families or something. I don’t know, but it was great and I saved $10. :)

How adorable is my boy? Goodness, I love him I love him. 

My fam all likes to hold him, but so do I. Sometimes I have a hard time sharing him, especially when he’s just so cuddly and molds to my chest. He’s the best.

Our first time to the Mariner Theater (which is just the auditorium at the high school) was for Katy’s Christmas program. Lots of cute kindergartens and first and second graders! Again, their music teacher does so great.

Apollo listening with his grammy. Oh he’s so cute.

And then Holly held him, but he was like 3 people away form me and I missed him! I just kept staring and wanting him back. :)

This boy fills my heart with love. Chris and I are so happy to have him and to share our life with him.

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