Lower 48

California pt. 1

21 February 2017

January 8 – January 16

Be prepared: photo dump

Our drive from Vegas to Ojai was great for the first half and okay for the second. Poor Apollo was kind of tired of being in his carseat I think. Buuuuut we made it, and Brady was so cute and waiting for us when we arrived! I adore that nephew of mine. He’s almost 3.

So fun to be with my sister and have our boys together! And good to rest too.


Fortunately, baby Hudson, who is 10 weeks older than little Apollo, had some of the same onesies! This made for good pictures together. 

I made sure to go on some good adventures with sweet Brady boy while we were in CA. We’d walk around the lot and rode our favorite trolley! And I just strapped Apollo on in a wrap and he was good to go. He’s so easy and perfect.

Here’s when we went and cruised around on Brady’s scooter through some good rain puddles. California is in need of water, and it hasn’t rained there much at all. BUT while we were there it rained a whole lot which was great for them! I would’ve been happy with sunshine too. :) And poor Chris needed clear skies for flying, but didn’t get it.Chris wasn’t around too much because he was busy working on his commercial pilot’s license. Brady just loves Chris “Tiss” though and was so happy with the time he got with him, whether it was reading at night or burying treasure in the yard or walking outside.

While we were there we slept at my uncle Jaret’s house. Stacy’s house is pretty little and perfectly cozy, and my uncle Jaret lives right down the street. So nice to just walk back and forth at morning and night and get good time with my sister and our baby boys.

And it was great being at church together too! I love that we have babies together! It’s so fun and good! Stacy’s husband, Scott, is in the bishopric and he’s a real champ. And it’s always great visiting the Ojai ward. It feels so familiar and good.

My dad grew up in Ojai and his parents live there still. They’re 91 and 92 so he’s been spending a lot of time there to help them. So when we’re there visiting, we often get to see my dear ol’ dad, which is always a treat! He’s a funny peach and I love and appreciate him. 

So our week in Ojai was really great. I loved spending time with my sister and our boys. And it was great to see my funny dad and funny uncle. I didn’t get to see my grandparents much because they were pretty sick, but luckily we got to go back to California after two weeks in Utah! Chris’s flight training totally did not go as planned while we were there, which was a challenge, but it worked out. Things always do!

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