Lower 48

Las Vegas

17 February 2017

December 31 – January 7


We spent a week in Henderson, Nevada with Chris’s brother and his family. It was nice to get a little bit of sunshine, and it was especially nice to get a bunch of family time. My brother and sister in law and their four beautiful kids loved spending time with Apollo. It was so sweet and good to see them all love my boy.


When Chris and I go on trips to visit people, we’re totally good with just hanging out. It’s always good to explore and adventure around and experience new things, but spending time together is usually most important. And we had a really great week just hanging out with these guys. Bre and Lincoln and their kids are really great.

And of course, Apollo was so adorable. He had some great big big smiles and I noticed he was especially happy in the mornings.


Apollo’s belly button got a little funky while we were there. Based on what I saw and read online, he had an umbilical granuloma, and it was just too moist and didn’t dry out all that it needed too.

We did do a little adventuring while there and checked out the Hoover Dam. Cool with a capital C. I only wish we would’ve walked all the way across the bridge into Arizona! Would’ve given Apollo another state on his list. :) Really cool to see and learn a bit about though. AND my sister in law and I went to the strip to check out Carlo’s bakery and Buddy V’s restaurant! I’m a cake boss fan, so it was pretty neat to see that. I did miss BUDDY  though. :) Also, I didn’t care for the baked goods all that much, but the restaurant was great.

AND here’s another picture of my darling boy the night before we left.


We had a great week there, and I even watched Fuller House season 2 with Bre and Bella! And that was great. And we ate cafe rio and sweet tomatoes and zupas and some great ice cream.

And then…

And then….

And then and then and then and then and then

we drove to California. Beaut.

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