April the 4th be with you.

4 April 2017

Husband has been gone the past two days. We’ve survived! I much prefer having him around because Apollo and I love him so much, but some time apart is okay too sometimes. I’ve even done yoga the past two days!

I really enjoy doing yoga and think about it everyday but definitely don’t do it everyday. Anyway, life is a process and from small and simple things shall great things come to pass. 

I’ll show you (Alyssa) some pictures from our day today and talk about some things without pictures. 

Not pictured is me being frustrated with dog hair and cat hair and dog dirt and cat dirt – it’s never ending! Sometimes I deal with it better than today.  Not pictured is my toe being run over with the door, my water bottle spilling on the kitchen floor, and getting spit up in my hair. Not pictured is me waking up with Apollo every 1-2 hours last night. Not pictured is Edel’s dingleberry because she keeps eating nursing pads and sometimes diapers out of the garbage when we leave the house… that stuff is not digestible, people. 

Also not pictured is my mom and sister, who live here and make my life much richer. Not pictured is Edel jumping on the bed to cuddle with us. Not pictured is the toilet paper I bought today. Hallelujah for toilet paper. Not pictured is Apollo and me playing el piano. Not pictured are the nice store clerks at saveumore. 

Plenty of other great and less great moments and things from the day are not pictured. Buuuuut here’s some loveliness that I did capture pictures of 

Here’s Apollo in bed last night. He’s so nice to cuddle with. And I love the jam jams from Annette. 

Apollo took an earlier nap this morning because he woke up with less sleep than usual. Here he is happy and fed after his nappy! He’s such an adorable bebe boy.

Then we finally made it on our walkie. I was kind of annoyed on our walk because I’m kind of annoyed with Edel right now, I think because she’s shedding so much. And because she barks annoyingly sometimes. And because I need an attitude adjustment. She’s a good pup. But I tell her she only needs to bark if she’s part of a barking chain to save 99 Dalmatian puppies. 

After our walkie we switched snow suits and sat outside for a bit. It was nice to sit out there and watch my boy looking around.

Then we went and visited auntie Holly at her salon, which is also at our friend Peter’s tattoo shop. It was great talking with them both and I had Holly take a picture of me and the babe. We were matching (on purpose) and I wanted to document it!

Apollo got his car seat buddy toy in his mouth today! He was chowing down on it. He’s so adorable!

And facetiming with Chris. Chris is gone for a month and we do text lots throughout the day, but we’re making sure to FaceTime daily too. Praise the lord for FaceTime. It makes this time apart doable!

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