Johnsono Lake

5 August 2017

I went with my sister and nieces up the road for some Alaskan summer lake fun. :) Johnson Lake or bust. It’s about an hour drive north of where we live.

The sun was shining and Holly wasn’t working, so she and the girls decided to head to el lake. Apollo and I decided we should go adventure too!  It was great playing in the water and getting some sun sun sun.

The water temperature was a okay. Definitely not warm at all, but pretty bearable. We all did some great swimming and it was so refreshing. I LOVE WATER.

Natalie and Katy had some coolio floaties too, which made it really fun. I loved playing in the water with them while Holly tried to keep Apollo from eating too much dirt or little rocks. :) When I was sitting in the water with him, he loved pulling the rocks out to gnaw on them. He’s too precious.

I didn’t bring my trusty collapsible wagon but I sure wish I would have! It would’ve been perfect for this adventure. Great day wit my big sis and her girls!

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