Fishing on the Tomahawk

10 June 2018

I cleaned fishing boats for 12 summers or so, until Apollo was born and my boat cleaning career closed.

When I was 15 (or 16?) I started out cleaning the optimist and the tomahawk. Such good boats. I really appreciated all my boats and captains through the years, and the cash flow it gave me to pay for school and life and stuff. Through thick and thin, boat cleaning and me were a good pair.

The other day, Captain Greg on the Tomahawk called and asked if Chris and Apollo and I could go fishing! In all my years washing Miss Tomahawk, I’d never been fishing with Greg, and so we were really happy to go out.

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. The water and sun and fish were perfect! We got all our halibut pretty quickly which is AWESOME. I like fishing when the weather is great and we’re catching fish. uWe even stopped in Seldovia for a little walk around town and some ice cream. Such a beautiful day and grateful to Greg and his awesome deckhand Chloe for taking us out to sea!

Summertime is just the best around here, especially with good weather. And Apollo… still so darling and adorable. 💗

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