A cloudy June 5th

5 June 2018

I’ve been feeling allergic the past few weeks. Lame. Runny nose, sneezy, and extra tired. I feel like the beach is a good place of refuge though, and I spent some nice time there this morning. My friend Katie and I took our little boys there and they played in the sand and rocks. Apollo splashed in the water too. So cute. He was just wandering around exploring the wonderful beach. It was so nice to be there with them and just sit and talk, and watch out cute boys. And since I’m sort of instagram fasting this week (go me!) I have to post somewhere of the adorable things Apollo does, so here I am on el blog. Love him so very much. Aaaand he really likes to makes smoothies with me. And recently I’ve started giving him his own cup since he’d take mine and wouldn’t share it with me. But today, he was sharing his smoothie with his little babies. ADORABLE. He was putting the straw in their mouths and it was so cute. đź’•Okay, back to my resting. It’s Apollo’s nap time and I took a needed nap today too. Yahoo.

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