Seven day social media fast

4 June 2018

There was a special fireside with President and Sister Nelson last night, and they invited the youth to do a consecutive seven day fast from social media. This will help to lessen comparing ourselves with others, to waste less time, and to be more present. AND to have more time and energy to gather Israel and build Zion.

When I heard about it, I was fine giving up Twitter haha, since it’s useless and I’ve never used it anyway, I’d be fine without Facebook for a week, but not my instagram! Instagram is my jam.

SO last night I deleted my Facebook app, and committed to seven days without it. Not toooo much of a sacrifice. And then a couple hours later I deleted my Instagram app! Not sure if I’ll want to go the whole week, but I’m one day in and doing fine, except for the 30 times I tried to check Instagram and realized it was gone. :) I check Instagram frequently.

I didn’t delete my account. No way Jose. That would be silly. Buuuut I think it’ll be good to go on an insta fast, especially since the prophet said so. He knows what’s up.

That’s all I have to say. I would’ve expressed all this in my instagram stories…. but I deleted it. So I guess I’ll be blogging more! Cool beans, since I need a place to share my musings.

Okay, good news… WE WERE TEN MINUTES EARLY FOR CHURCH YESTERDAY and the first of my family to arrive. Wow. I basically had a revelation that IF YOU WANT TO ARRIVE EARLY, LEAVE EARLY. So, to get to church early, we just had to leave our house early. Simple. Yes. Monumental. Yes.

Here’s Apollo helping prep our free box of ripe bananas for the freezah today. What a doll.

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