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12 September 2018



12 September 2018

I keep having great thoughts of what to blog about, and then I get distracted on instagram and forget. Oops.

The weather has been gorgeous lately. The sunniest summeriest September. I feel like I could and should be spending more time outside, but inside is nice and cozy too. :) And I moved the rocker recliner from Apollo’s room to the living room and it is so comfy. Especially when you’re tired and pregnant.

I’m 19 weeks pregnant. It’s going well and I love being pregnant. I haven’t noticed baby moving around yet, and look forward to that because it makes the pregnancy so much more real. My belly is growing and I love that too. Who doesn’t love a good pregnant belly.

I’m concerned with how Apollo will adjust to a sibling. He’s the center of our world right now and soon he’s going to need to make some space for another little babe to join him in the center. I think a sibling will be wonderful for him though, and I’m excited to watch him become a brother.

What else… Chris is out of town right now. I’m headed out of town in a couple weeks. Edel pooped all over the hall last night. 😭 Bel had an abscess on her head. Piper wakes us up at night by scratching that the window. And Apollo is angel.

Lately I’ve been craving Cafe Rio. Still am. Yum. Okay bye.