Wintry airport afternoon

14 December 2018

Chris’s phone can take some great pictures, and I’m awake and pregnant in the wee early hours of the morning, so I’m sharing some from yesterday.

This pregnancy I often spend around an hour awake in the middle of the night, which I’ve sometimes been using for some productive português Book of Mormon reading. And other times I use that awake time for less productive instagram/amazon browsing.

Tonight it shall be blogging.

Yesterday was a good thankful Thursday. Apollo and I saw our good friends at story time at the library and went to lunch with them. Then Apollo got to play outside at two sisters bakery with the toys, and in his new coat! Unfortunately I had to haul him away from there with some kicks and screams, but after that came airport time with Chris.

Chris has been working on thawing the airplane out so he can go make some instructional flying videos, but it’s a lot of inefficient work to try and heat it up when it’s been so cold and snowy.

I picked up some $1.50 hot chocolates at the gas station on my way, and Apollo and I wen to the airport with him while he worked on that. It was nice to just hang out and watch Apollo be excited about watching airplanes. That boy loves things that go.

It was pretty chilly out, but it is so nice to have some wintry weather. We’ve had plenty of soggy, rainy, gray days thus far, so having snow on the ground makes a big difference. Seeing the sun and some blue sky yesterday was also much appreciated.

We need to eventually figure out how to enjoy some sunshine and warm weather each winter for a little bit. Need to find some Hawaiians who want to house swap for a month or so during mid winter. :)

Christmas is soon and I’m really really enjoying Christmas time and all the magic and traditions that come with it.

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