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I love sand.

9 December 2013

And it’s finals week.
“Then you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”



7 December 2013

It has come to this. Chris and I laid around last night watching cat videos on youtube.
When I got on my computer this morning, said videos were still open.
Video after video led my to this by Kid President.
Which is where I heard these two super great and super true quotes:

“It’s okay to disagree but it’s not okay to be mean.”

“If you can’t think of anything nice to say, you’re not thinking hard enough.”

Here’s an unrelated picture for you, because I like pictures. And I tend to put one on most blog posts. Words are really great too though. Not all posts need pictures. But I took this picture over the summer of three of my favorite boys. Cody (dog), Jordin (brother in law), and Chris (future spouse). :) Lots go great times were had this summer. And lots of great times are had now too. Currently these great times are being taken over by finals and end of semester projects. But Chris and I did make time to watch cat videos last night and talk with great friends. :)



6 December 2013
When I was a little tyke, a magical young girl in a Michael Jordan jersey became my very best friend. :) That girl is Carla boy and she turned 25 today! I can’t believe we’re to that point in life where we’ve been alive for a quarter of a century. Whoa.
Today I was reminiscing of when four years ago, my Carla girl came out here for my 21st birthday. I wish I could be in Seattle celebrating with her today for her 25th! She’s such a peach and I love love love her. Such a gem of a human she is.
I’m grateful for my little Carlita. 


Read: a video.

6 December 2013

It’s finals time.
The second floor of the library can become a pretty warm and sleepy place.
With two of my favorite kids, Chris and Alyssa, we made the second floor of the library a livelier place. We also had help from our cardboard friends Brother Martins and President Wheelwright.
There’s a lot going on right now.
One thing at a time.


4 December 2013

President Brigham Young stated in the “Government of God”:

“For me, the plan of salvation must… circumscribe [all] the knowledge that is upon the face of the earth, or it is not from God. Such a plan incorporates every system of true doctrine on the earth, whether it be ecclesiastical, moral, philosophical, or civil: it incorporates all good laws that have been made from the days of Adam until now; it swallows up the laws of nations, for it exceeds them al in knowledge and purity; it circumscribes the doctrines of the day, and takes from the right and the left, and brings all truth together in one system, and the leaves the chaff to be scattered hither and thither.”

Alaska, Hawai'i

Homer. Home. Homies.

2 December 2013

I cannot wait to go home for Christmas break!
Gah so excited!
I can’t wait to play with my precious nieces. And to sit around with my mom and my dad and my sister and my brother-in-law. And to go to church in my favorite Homer ward.
I’m excited to sit by the fire and get cozy and warm.
To see my breath when I’m outside in the cold.
I’m excited to make snow angels and build snowmen.
Btw, building a snow person takes a lot of work.
I’m excited to have Chris play with his puppy.
And for us to take her on walks in the woods.
I’m excited to be pretty tan compared to all the whiteys at home.
I’m excited to be out of school for a bit.
I’m excited for HOME.
And for winter.
A week and a half and Boy and I are headed off island.
North to Alaska!

Favorites, Hawai'i

giving thanks for my peach

1 December 2013
I am so so grateful to have my favorite boy around ALL THE TIME. It’s dreamy. It’s so good and happy and full of adventure and fun. I am so glad with how life works itself out eventually.
I’m grateful that this boy is such a good cuddler and that he knows and understands me and is always seeking to help me with whatever I need. I’m grateful I’m a happy girl and that I have this little peach in my life. :) I’m grateful he’s an Alaskan too. And that he has a beard.
I’m grateful that he kills the centipedes and the cane spiders and the cockroaches. I’m grateful that he laughs with me when I crash my bike. I’m grateful he accepts my super nintendo desires. I’m grateful he can work hard and also bum around. I’m grateful he makes a point to always go running, and for his desires to be good and healthy. I’m grateful for the sweet movies we watch together.
This lovely long weekend we watched the Swiss Family Robinson and the Brave Little Toaster. Dreamy I tell you. And there’s lots more great films on the list.
I’m grateful he always makes sure we pray together every night. I’m grateful he stuck around for my year of hot and cold and wishy-washiness. I’m grateful he makes an effort to learn portuguese. I’m grateful he got me a great ring and asked me to marry him, and that he found my great wedding dress too. He’s a peach this Christopher boy is. And I am very grateful for him.

Thanksgiving day started with some pumpkin pie for breakfast. Beaut.
We has some Thanksgiving food later in the afternoon, thanks to some Hawaiian friends. I played some Christmas hymns on the piano and Chris and I talked with our grandparents.
When we came home we hopped on our bikes and went for a cruise.
I love these spontaneous little adventures. How great.


26 November 2013
I miss moments like this with these two little girls.
I can’t wait to see them (and Alaska) again in 2.5 weeks. 



26 November 2013

I woke up at 6 something this morning. I love waking up early, before everyone else.  I come downstairs and open the door and the chickens all come running to get their morning snacks. I love that. Well this morning when I woke up I decided to not get up and run, and to just lay in bed on my phone for an hour. Not the best decision. It never is. But for some reason, I still make that decision and always wish I didn’t. Still working through that. :)
It’s so great when I wake up and say my prayers and exercise and my mornings are so great that way. Not sure why that lazy bone takes over and pushes me back into bed in the mornings.

Buuuuut it will still be a lovely day. I came downstairs about 8, opened the door, and the chickens came running. So they got their daily dose of tortilla chips. :) They’re so eager and precious.

My oceanography class starts soon. I need to do my homeworks for it now. I haven’t been frequenting blog land very much lately. I’d like to more.

I’m so happy Christopher boy is here. We took our engagement pictures. I’ll be sharing some soon. They’re great great.

I don’t feel like going to class, hmmm…I’m not super motivated for school these days. Lots of other life stuff going on.

I’m eating fresh pineapple right now. Yum. Chris loves fresh pineapple.

My dear roommate Taylor is home with us from California and it’s great to have her back. Chris and Taylor girl and I went and saw Catching Fire last night. Great time. Great peeps.

It’s also my first ever roomie’s (Lilly from Fiji) birthday today. Yay! I love birthdays. A lot.
Hmmm… that is all for now. Cheers. :):)

Favorites, Hawai'i

betrothed ♥

11 November 2013
Friday, the 8th of november of 2013.
It began as a normal, lovely, unsuspecting Friday. Chris and I ran on the beach. I went to class and he worked (which on this day meant prepping for proposal). He kept working and I went to the temple, and then made some cookies and quinoa. Yum.
Well… Chris, with help from Alyssa and other lovely people, had been secretly planning and coordinating for a “smothered with love” proposal to get a ring on my fingie.
Chris wrote lovely love notes and hid them throughout campus and Laie. With each love note, there was also a video for me to watch of lots of my favorite people telling me how much they loved me! Yay love love love.
Chris had recorded video clips of some my lovely roommates and neighbors Cherisse, Keryna, Taylor, Victoria, Alyssa, and my favorite twins, Alexis and Elena, and of my Carla girl too of course! They all told me they love me lots and that they’re happy and all of this made me a very happy girl. :)
So Alyssa went around Laie with me on a love note hunt to Peej’s office, to our favorite library study spot, to the peaceful McKay foyer, to our favorite beach nook, to seven brothers for some delicious fries, to the beach glass cave on the point, to the gardens by temple beach, and finally we ended up at the temple, where Alyssa set me free.
On the grass I saw a nice little computer surrounded by lovely Hawaiian flowers, and a box of tissues. So I went and laid down and watched 17 minutes of my family and Chris’s family expressing more love and gratitude. It was so great. I loved that a lot. So happy that that boy got many of my favorite people to be a part of these special moments. :)
Then out popped my macublet Christopher Robin.


And out popped the question and out popped the ring!
(I LOVE this ring a lot. Rose gold and moissanite.)
I met this Christopher boy in my home Homer ward when I got home from my mission over a year and a half ago. We got engaged one year and four months after we first cuddled and sort of kissed haha. I dragged my feet for quite a while with plenty of indecision and doubt, without my mind and heart being fully open. But luckily this boy was good and patient. He’s such a peach. My heart and life are full of love, and love which will continue to grow lots and lots. Happy happy.
So let’s get married!

Two of my favorite things about life in Laie

4 November 2013

1. The sunrises.
Since I’ve been here the last two months, my body has gotten into the habit of conveniently waking my up around 6:30 am. That has made for some very beautiful moments and good feelings.
This beachfront view is maybe a minute long walk from my back door. Dreamy. I just wake up, walk across the lawn, and take a run or a seat in the sand. :)

2. The chickens. And the kittens!
I’ve made it my personal goal to befriend these kittens. How surprised and happy was I when I was feeding the chickens and they finally came over! We have ten chickens and one rooster here. By feeding them lots of leftovers and stale food, we have become quite good friends. One of the black ones is even so bold as to step inside the house for parcels of food. :)
The kittens however are not quite as courageous. But fortunately I’ve been able to start feeding them too. They are soooo cute. I love Hawaii’s wildlife.



20 October 2013

Waimanolo Country Farms on Oahu.
What a lovely pumpkiny day with some of my most favorite souls here on the island.


13 October 2013

My two most favorite little girlies in the world. 
Missing them a lot lately.
Wish I could be home for their birthdays this month.

Aloha Boy!

5 October 2013

Christopher got here yesterday! Oh I am oh so happy.
And I’m happy he’s here for conference weekend.
And that we got him a cruiser bike yesterday.
And that we jumped in the ocean.
And that we went to the temple.
And that we cuddled lots and lots.
I’m a happy girl.
And I’m happy he’s not leaving anytime soon. :)

Alaska, Hawai'i

Owl be your friend.

26 September 2013

Gente, então… vimos uma coruja. Eita coisa boa. Beijos para todos.

A month ago, Chris and I stopped in Hope – Alaska’s best preserved gold rush town.
What a fantastic place. I had been there once before when I was ten or so.
It was a most beautiful day, and we were blessed enough to see this cute little owl!

Grateful we got amazing fotos of such a beautiful, intense, calm little creature.


I’m in Laie, Hawaii now. Chris gets here in about a week. :D
I’ve been super unusually busy.
So this morning I had to take a break.
I woke up at 6:30. Made some cookies.
Ran on the beach. Played some guitar.
Did some pinteresting. Wrote letters.
I missed two classes this morning.
I still feel pretty good about that choice.
I needed a  bit of rejuvenation.
Now I’ve got to bike to school for two more classes.
Then some work and homeworks tonight.

Our house is getting bombed tomorrow.
The amount of cockroaches in here is cuckoo insano.
Not sure how I feel about my house being filled with toxicity.
But these roaches… meh…
But my cookies today are delish.

Alaska, Hawai'i

adventure buddy reunion soon

22 September 2013
So there’s this Chris boy, who unexpectedly journeyed his way into my life and heart since I got home from my mission almost a year and a half ago.
We’ve adventured together a lot.  
Before I left Alaska for Hawaii two weeks ago, we went cruising around Prince William Sound for a few days, and we did some backpacking in Denali. We had an excellent summer.
As always, it was quite difficult to leave home. And to leave this Christopher Robin.
Buuuut a couple days ago, my favorite Chrissy boy got a one way ticket to Hawaii!
Tropical adventures ensuing shortly.

Hawai'i, Lower 48

General Conference weekend

2 May 2013

I’m in Utah at cousin Shara’s house right now.
And I’m doing some blog catch up.

Lately I’ve been going through waves of blogging.
If you’d like, you may look, read, comment, anything…
I would like for you to smile however.
But blogging for me is a great way for me to keep in touch with myself. To remember where I’ve been and what I’ve done and how I’ve felt and to remember the people. I don’t want to forget the peoples.

In Hawaii, to watch General Conference live, you start at 6 am.
What a better way to do that then to get together with people you love and have a pajama party in the living room at the wee hours of the morning.

To make it extra interesting, we had a grand crepe feast in between sessions. Both days. Saturday and Sunday. So great and happy and yum.

Then on sunday afternoon a few of us had a salmon and veggie feast! I love salmons!
And I love foods. It’s a great way to bring people together. Magical.

Btw, General Conference was excellent to say the least. It’s so refreshing hearing the familiar voices and counsels of our prophets and leaders.


2 May 2013

My roommates and neighbors and friends this semester are so super fantastic.
So beautiful inside and out.
We went on many great adventures.
And we ate lots of yummy food.
Here’s just a few pictures from the last few weeks of the semester.

This is Taylor. On March 31, she was the Easter bunny.
Then comes April 1 and she’s the April fool.
She got me good with one of the oldest tricks in the book of taping back the sink hose sprayer.
I got soaked. So funny. She loves April Fools Day.

We had lots of good beach days.
This day included a green smoothie with Alyssa and Tor!

I discovered snapchat.
Alyssa sends me so many great snapchats.
I love that girl to pieces.

I made lots of yummy foods this semester.
Here’s some coconut chocolate bread! So yum.

And the last few weeks of the semester involved lots of studying.
Sometimes I’d fall asleep.

Studying together is much much better.

Yay, I love everyone!