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November 12th

12 November 2014


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I love wind. Okay, that’s not entirely true, because there are definitely times (especially in the harbor) when it is too windy and cold for me. What I  love are magical moments that are nice and windy, where I feel peace. Like I just have some great memories of windy moments where I could feel Heavenly Father’s love. With the storm somewhere that I don’t know hardly anything about, our weather here has been a little more cuckoo. Today was quite windy. And it made me feel and think of God’s love and power. I’m grateful for those moments that ground us.

I’m also grateful to my dear family and our times working together. It’s funny and good. We’ve been doing a lot of that lately helping my dad clean out an old house he just bought.

I’m grateful for my precious lovely nieces and the joy they bring me. Oh I love them so so much. They helped me make cupcakes for the young women for mutual. And then of course they decorated some and there were sprinkles (and sewing pins) all around and that is great. They play so well and make me really happy.

IMG_0794IMG_7211 2

Chris and Dad and I all went to mutual last night and I’m so happy and grateful to work with and serve the youth. For YW decorated lots and lots of cupcakes and it was fun and we shared (and ate) some and that was good. Really grateful for the good influence of the church and gospel in my life.

Aaaaand… grateful for rummikub! I totally love playing that these days.

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November 11th

11 November 2014

11/11 – super wish day!

I am grateful for ponder time to think about what I most desire.


Joy is always at the top of my desire list. When I make wishes, happiness is always included in the list, and it’s something I’m quite often blessed with. I’m really grateful for that, and that the Lord is happy to grant us our righteous desires. He knows what is best for us and he knows what and who we need, and when we need them.

I’m really grateful for my parents. I think they are the bee’s knees and I feel lucky to have them both. Lately we’ve been working in this semi hoarder house that my dad just bought, cleaning it out and selling stuff and such, and it’s nice to do some good work with both my mama and papa.

Here’s a picture of a cool moon boot. Who doesn’t love that?


I’m grateful for Christopher, obviously. :) I’m just so so happy and glad to have him as my companion. I don’t ever want to be without him. He gives me so much purpose and motivation and happiness.

IMG_9838 IMG_9840

I’m grateful for washing machines! What a dream washers and dryers are! Our washer has been broken for quite some time, but we took a nice, dark, rainy drive and got us a new used one. Lovely.

I’m grateful for spaghetti squash. Yum. Made a recipe similar to this one tonight. Yum. I’ve recently acquired a liking to fancy cheeses btw.

I’m grateful for DOWNTON ABBEY OMG I LOVE IT. We (including the pooch) really enjoyed watching it tonight. Oh I love them all.



November 10th

10 November 2014

Monday. It was pretty sunny. Most of the snow has melted away. Kooky.


I’m grateful that we had Chris’s business friend/mentor/investor over for dinner. It was a really lovely time. Enlightening and inspiring. I love our home and I’m grateful for the lovely space that we have.

We gave thanks and ate our yummy salmon (that we caught this summer) and stirfry and quinoa. Delish. I’m grateful for the things we’ve been blessed with and how accessible things and information are to us.

I’m grateful for the blessing that it is to talk with others and share experiences and stories. Stories are wonderful.

I’m also grateful for the Family: Proclamation to the World that we have framed on our wall, in portuguese of course.

Also, I’m grateful for the good use of facebook. It is so helpful in keeping in contact and sharing parts of our lives with others.



November 9th

9 November 2014

domingo sunday hoje today aujourd’hui

I really love going to church. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of the gospel and the peace it brings. And the church functions so well and I really really love our Homer ward; so many good, beloved people.

IMG_9782I love having my family and so many great friends at church, friends who have become like family. I’m grateful that Chris is so friendly with others, nonjudgmental, and really open to helping and serving. The sunday school lesson was great today too. Dedicated teachers.

I’m grateful for visiting and home teaching, opportunities to serve, and the blessing that it is to share relationships and learn together.

I’m really grateful to serve in Young Women. It gives me purpose and makes me happy. I love those girls. Today I taught a lesson about conversion, and it made me thankful for the process of how I have become converted to Christ and his perfect gospel. I have become converted through small and simple things, and great things have been brought to pass (Alma 36:6-7). It is a continual process as well, choices made daily of how to be and what to do and how to do it.

On a different note, what post is complete without a cat picture?

IMG_9789IMG_9786Playing games is great too.


November 8th

8 November 2014

Here’s another funny picture of me and my Pops from today. I’m really grateful for family. It’s so nice to have people who you love and who love you, and who understand and know you pretty well. Family, what a perfect invention. Marriage is fantastic too. I’m sooooo grateful that things have worked out so lovely with us. At the beginning, dating Chris wasn’t what I thought I wanted. Once I warmed up to the idea and started loving this funny boy, I still wasn’t too excited about marrying him. But thankfully, lights turned on inside of me and I realized I didn’t want to be without him! I just wanted him around for always. I am so happy to love my Christopher Robin. I’m grateful that the Lord knows me better than I do. :)IMG_9775 IMG_9779grateful for rummikub eventides



November 7th

7 November 2014

I’m grateful that Chris got me out for a walk, and I’m grateful to see changes in the world everyday. It’s neato to watch the seasons change.

I’m thankful my dad can be really hilarious. What a gem.

I’m grateful for recipes and food inspiration that I get online. Like I just google the ingredients I have, or something I want to make, and magic happens! Magic also happens when Sister Stacy sent me this recipe of yummy butternut squash soup with roasted chickpeas.

So so grateful that I get to sleep next to my sweet every night. I’m so happy he’s such a good cuddler. So thankful to be his wife.

IMG_9744 IMG_9759 IMG_9752


November 6th

6 November 2014

Some days I make it difficult to get out of bed. This occurs when I’m feeling like a sloth and I don’t feel motivated to do much. This cycle often spirals downward. The results are not ideal. Well that kind of happened today. Annoying. Buuut it happens.

I’m grateful for a dog who reeeeeeally likes getting outside when we wake up. I’m grateful for this because I always enjoy these walks with Edel (and Christopher, and our kitty Bel sometimes). It is so beautiful and I’m especially grateful to watch the seasons changing this winter. IMG_9727

I’m grateful for our home and our clothes and our baskets and for my friendship bracelet making time today, which made me feel more productive than laying in front of the heater with Edel. And I’m so grateful I got all my substitute teacher paper work done! Yay.IMG_9732


I’m grateful we live sooooo close to the beach and the ocean! Chris and I took Edel down there tonight and it was delightful. The world is a beautiful place.


Also, I am obviously no longer studying at the blessed BYU-Hawaii. I am soooo extremely grateful for the many classes I was able to take there, the lessons I learned, the professors who taught, friendly students, interesting subjects.. so grateful for it all. I do miss school. I am grateful for my peace building classes, oceanography, physiology, biology, world history, english, french literature, communications, anatomy, Eburne’s classes, anthropology, personal and family finance, physical science, volleyball, soccer, church history, doctrine and covenants, old testament, book of mormon… so many wonderful things I learn and hope to keep learning!


november 5th

5 November 2014


I hope my gratitude posts don’t become shallow and redundant. I really am grateful for my life, how it is, and who I am. I’m grateful for the things that refresh my perspective on my life, myself, and on others.

I’m grateful when Chris leaves my toothbrush ready for me to brush away! It makes it much more desirable to brush my teeth. :)IMG_9694

I’m grateful that I get to make tasty healthy food for me and Christopher. I’m grateful for his kisses. And when we look at the sky together. I like looking at the moon. And the stars. And the sun. JK, I’d recommend not looking directly at the sun.

I’m grateful for how I feel happy and rejuvenated after a good mutual activity at church with the young women. Sometimes I do not have the best attitude before I get to the church, but I usually leave feeling much lighter. I’m grateful for that. It was especially lovely to have both of my nieces at the church tonight too, for activity day and for hangout with Chelsea time. :)

Tonight I wasn’t really wanting to go to mutual, since we were watching Downton Abbey and eating salmons and potatoes and I was wearing sweats with lace pockets, but it really turned out lovely and made me happy.IMG_9720


November 4th

4 November 2014


Tuesday and Thursday evenings I play volleyball for a couple hours with various wonderful community members. I am so grateful for it. I love playing volleyball and I’m grateful for the exercise and for a well functioning healthy body and grateful that I know the community volleyballs schedule!

Also I’m grateful for the right I have to vote! Thank you to so many who have contributed to providing me with the freedoms that I have. So grateful to be an American and an Alaskan. :)

I hung out with my mama today and it was lovely. I love her so much and I love who she is and how she influences me. Today at her house I saw these two cool old pictures of my grandma with her in-laws and of my grandpa’s mother, Ethel. Really neato. Grateful for pictures. Forever grateful for pictures. They preserve and share so much.IMG_9675 FullSizeRender-1

Also, I found this old can of beanz today in this house we’ve been cleaning out. Cool. Vintage beans. :)IMG_9670

On my way home, I stopped at my sista’s house, and my niece Natalie was drawing the beautiful beautiful pink sunset. I am so grateful for Natalie and how she brings out the best in me.

IMG_9682 IMG_9684

And when I came home, my darling husband had dinner waiting for me! Perfect burritos. I’m so grateful for our food times at the table and I’m so grateful Christopher is my dear companheiro. <3<3<3


November 2nd

2 November 2014

Today I am thankful for fast sundays. It’s not a day I always look forward to, because I do quite enjoy eating yummy food and I don’t always enjoy being hungry, but it is definitely a day I am grateful for. It is a blessing to be able to fast and it helps me rely more on the Lord. I’m grateful for the knowledge that I have that God hears and answers my prayers.

I’m grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost and that he can be our constant companion. I’m so grateful for the inspirations that I receive throughout the day, which lead me to greater peace and happiness.

Today I’m grateful that our kitties are getting along better!! Since we got our little kitty Bel this summer, our lovely fluffy cat Amelia has not been very happy about it. We’ve prayed for them to get along better and it is happening. They can both be around each other now without too much hissing and growl meows. Our Edel pup is pretty good with the cyats too.

One of the things I’m so so grateful for is family time here at mine and Chris’s home!! Mom, sister, and my precious nieces came over and played today after church! This is Chris and Natalie watching the trek video that Chris made. Presh and lovely.

imageWe ate really yummy and healthy stiryfry and salmon. It was lovely. And then we had some of my pumpkin pie that turned out fantastically. I’m grateful for healthy delicious food and our desire to consume it. I’m so happy we have salmon, and hopefully we will get some halibut soon too.

imageI’m grateful for Natalie and Katy and how happy they make me and how they make life much more magical. We made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies together this evening and it was so enjoyable and delicious! I love making cookies, giving them away, and eating them of course.

imageI’m grateful for Chris’s beard too. He just shaved it. He’s been bearded for so long! So that’ll be an adjustment. :) I’m so grateful for all the hard work he does and his dedication to do great things and help people.

I’m grateful we went to a cute little girl’s baptism today and for the confirming spirit we felt. On my mission, I made a goal to go to baptisms around me. Baptisms and confirmations are always special and I am reminded of the sweet spirit I felt with so many people on my mission.

Popcorn with coconut oil and salt is yummy and nice to eat whilest watching netflix, and I’m grateful for moments like that with my honey husband today. :)  I’m grateful for netflix, and for our whirley pop to make popcorn!

I feel very blessed. And I’m grateful for that. I’m also grateful for my pink tights. I love them.


November 1st

1 November 2014

Today I am grateful that my dad is home! It had been like 6 weeks since we’d seen each other I think. It was especially good to see how long his beard is now! :) He’s really cool. And he’s a great example of physical health. He’s been eating extra super healthy the past few weeks and was saying how much better he noticed he felt, like no joint pain and stuff.

I’m grateful for all the goods he brought us from costco, especially the pictures I just had printed!

IMG_9582-1I’m grateful that Chris and I have so many wonderful memories and experiences that are captured in beautiful fotos. And I’m so grateful to have so many fotos in our house.

I’m so very grateful for our home. Mortgages are not the greatest, but I am so grateful we have a home that we can call our own. I love it. And I love home making.  :)

I’m grateful for opportunities to serve. It makes me feel better and it makes others feel good too.

IMG_0934I’m grateful the my Christopher honey husband is home. I love being able to say our prayers together each night and wake up to his lovely face each morning and to kiss him during the night while I watch him sleep. hehe. How endearing. :)


I’m grateful my parents live here in Homer. And my sister and her family. I love being able to visit them and play together. I love my family and whole lot.


How good it is that it’s november. I’m shall be more grateful each day.