November 8th

8 November 2014

Here’s another funny picture of me and my Pops from today. I’m really grateful for family. It’s so nice to have people who you love and who love you, and who understand and know you pretty well. Family, what a perfect invention. Marriage is fantastic too. I’m sooooo grateful that things have worked out so lovely with us. At the beginning, dating Chris wasn’t what I thought I wanted. Once I warmed up to the idea and started loving this funny boy, I still wasn’t too excited about marrying him. But thankfully, lights turned on inside of me and I realized I didn’t want to be without him! I just wanted him around for always. I am so happy to love my Christopher Robin. I’m grateful that the Lord knows me better than I do. :)IMG_9775 IMG_9779grateful for rummikub eventides


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