November 1st

1 November 2014

Today I am grateful that my dad is home! It had been like 6 weeks since we’d seen each other I think. It was especially good to see how long his beard is now! :) He’s really cool. And he’s a great example of physical health. He’s been eating extra super healthy the past few weeks and was saying how much better he noticed he felt, like no joint pain and stuff.

I’m grateful for all the goods he brought us from costco, especially the pictures I just had printed!

IMG_9582-1I’m grateful that Chris and I have so many wonderful memories and experiences that are captured in beautiful fotos. And I’m so grateful to have so many fotos in our house.

I’m so very grateful for our home. Mortgages are not the greatest, but I am so grateful we have a home that we can call our own. I love it. And I love home making.  :)

I’m grateful for opportunities to serve. It makes me feel better and it makes others feel good too.

IMG_0934I’m grateful the my Christopher honey husband is home. I love being able to say our prayers together each night and wake up to his lovely face each morning and to kiss him during the night while I watch him sleep. hehe. How endearing. :)


I’m grateful my parents live here in Homer. And my sister and her family. I love being able to visit them and play together. I love my family and whole lot.


How good it is that it’s november. I’m shall be more grateful each day.

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