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2 February 2009


Mail Party

2 February 2009

Speaking of being back at the JC, I would’ve loved to have had a package waiting for me upon my arrival. But sadly, no one knew my address, because I didn’t tell anyone. But I shall do that now…

For love letters and fun envelopey type things, and perhaps small boxes and the like:
BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies
Chelsea Owens
PO Box 19604
Jerusalem, 91196
For packages that do not contain things too incredibly expensive, like electronics, since we have to pay duties:
Chelsea Owens
BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies
Located on Mt. Scopus
Near Augusta Victoria Hospital
Jerusalem, 91196
Keep in mind that my birthday is coming up on March 15th, so you should think about sending things sometime in the near future. Oh I am so excited to receive mail. Many mahalos peeps. 

Home Sweet Jerusalem

2 February 2009

I am so happy to be back at the Jerusalem Center! Yay for the JC! Oh my goodness I am just so happy to be “home!”

Reasons why I am so happy to be back at the JC:
~drinking out of the water fountains
~brushing my teeth in the sink
~having clean clothes
~not living out of a backpack
~shopping in the Old City with normal shopkeepers
~eating the delicious food of the Oasis
~having internet
~being in my bed
~calling my wonderful family
~having my genie pants back
~wearing my slippers
~not feeling like death
~being on my computer
~sleeping with Simba again
~partying with my roomies
~having less garbage all around
~using better toilets
~not having to pay for toilets
~having access to all of my earrings
~again, just talking to my fam
Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing being in Egypt and being able to see everything and learn all about it, but it is always so nice to be home. Oh how I love the JC.