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27 February 2009


I am nuts… for nuts.

27 February 2009
   I love nuts too, especially love nuts, or kabuki, or sycamore nuts, or peanuts. No one really knows what these nuts are called, but they are so good. And I just like calling them love nuts. 
   Luckily for me, I have a really good roommate. Her name is Shamra, or Shawarma, or Sharma, or Shammie Lambie. Anyway, she said she’d brave the bitter storm with me and go buy some nuts. So we got Jacob and put on our some warm clothes and headed into the rain. 

After I bought my nuts, I saw a dead shark on ground. It’s better to spend your money on nuts rather than sharks.

When I first got to the Old City, I bought an umbrella for 10 sheks ($2.50) because I figured it’d be a good little investment with how much it’s been raining around here these days. It worked fabulously all day long, until five steps outside of the gate of the center, when a big gust of wind came and completely destroyed it. My poor little umbrella…

We were totally, completely, almost 100% soaked after our little rain adventure, with the exception of my bum. I don’t know why it was dry. Funny. hehe.
Chelsea and Sham Sham, braving the elemtents.

Considering how much work I put in to getting my love nuts today, I think I have an addiction. 
My name is Chelsea, and I am a nut-aholic. 

Hunting for a Leather Camel Journal

27 February 2009
    Another rainy day here in the Holy Land. I love stormy weather. 
    A few girlies and I went to some stores today where they have all these cool things and sweet leather journals. I love journals. They’re the best. 
    In our cab, there was a Muslim prayer rug on the dashboard. And in the little compartment, there was some weirdo doll. Random. It reminded me of all my little random items, which Stacy always seems to discover as she snoops through my things. :)

Chelsea and Richelle making fishy faces, but I don’t remember why. Hmm… maybe just for fun. That’s always fun. And I guess Lauren wanted to be in the picture too, because she’s poking her little head into the picture. Silly people.

I love this. I love adventures in giant taxis.

After buying my fabulous little leather journal with a camel on it (which I sadly don’t have a picture of), we went to a book store. Guess what was there… TWILIGHT in Hebrew! Yay! Aw… Edward and the vampire kind are gracing the whole world with their magnificence.  

Elyse and I are clearly so excited to be out and about on the town in the rain.

Richelle is such a cool girly. 

Look at the cute little baby pineapple! I love it. I miss yummy yummy fresh pineapple. Ah… Hawaii.

    After our little outing to the stores, we were going to go the the Jewish market to buy produce and NUTS! I was sooooo badly craving the yummy delicious nuts that I always buy these days, and it was all I really wanted to do. I needed my nuts. But we had some miscommunication/lack of communication with our taxi driver, and he brought us back to the center instead of taking us to the market. I was so bummed. I was really so so disappointed, just because I didn’t have my nuts. Kinda funny. I think I’m addicted to these nuts.