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25 February 2009


Almost Kissing

25 February 2009
I almost got kissed today. 
Good thing I’m so speedy at dodging those things, or else I would’ve been kissed by an Arab shopkeeper that I bought shoes from.
Shamra and I outside of Damascus Gate, an entrance into the Old City
We took a quick stop at the 7th Station, which is where Jesus fell the second time as he was carrying his cross. These two Nigerians were with this Israeli tour guide and they asked my to take their picture. I will be emailing it to them very soon. Also, the Israeli woman asked is I was from here. She said I looked like I did. That’s so cool beans. It must’ve been the genie pants, Jesus sandals, and pashmina I was sporting. But I really liked this Nigerian couple. There are a lot of Nigerian people that come here touring. 
There are these cool shirt shops all over the Old City. They have a bunch of sweet Israel prints and a bunch of Palestine prints and Jerusalem ones and ones with cartoon characters and ones with sports teams and ones with peace. They’re the coolest. But you can get them made in about 2.76 seconds. You just pick your print and your shirt size and color and they make it for you. And… they’re all only $3 or $4. Excellent. Things here are quite on the expensive side. This is a picture of the little Dora shirt I bought for little Natalie Girl. Love it.
    Now for the kissy face story. 
    We were going home and I stopped in a shoe store just for fun and just because I like shoes. And I was looking at this pair and bartering with the shopkeeper. He told me to walk around in them, so I walked to the other end of the shop, which was about 20 feet away from Shamra and Sharon, and I was liking those shoes. They were pretty pretty. 
    But the shopkeeper followed me as I walked in them. Then I turned around to walk back and he looked at me and said, “You have very beautiful name.”
   Then he pinched my chin and leaned in with his lips all puckered up to kiss me!
   I leaned to the opposite side and dodged it and was like, “No thank you!” I looked at Shamra and her eyes were huge and horrified. Funny girl. She kept looking at the shopkeeper and said that she thinks he felt badly and ashamed, which would make sense. You don’t just go kissing girls that want a pair of shoes. Who does that?
    Anyway, I bought the shoes and got out of there. That tall, skinny, old man just wasn’t my type. 

City of David and Hezekiah’s Tunnel

25 February 2009
Every year from about third grade through a high school, I’d go on a field trip to Homer’s most fabulous Pratt Museum. But let me tell you, the field trips I go on here are 500 million times cooler. The Pratt Museum is still wicked cool though. 
Today we went to the City of David and Hezekiah’s Tunnel and it was definitely one of my most favorite field trips thus far. The City of David is pretty old, as everything is around here, and it is the area where David first established for the capital. It’s in Jerusalem and just right outside of the Old City. Hezekiah’s Tunnel is this big ol’ long tunnel that follows a natural crack in the rocks. A long long time ago, people carved this tunnel so to help protect the city from the Assyrians. By the way,  “What… is the capital of Assyria?” and “What… is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
We got to watch this sweet 3D movie about the City of David. Me, Cate, and Lauren rock those 3D glasses like mad.

I found some gold. And by found, I mean I put it in the dirt. And by gold, I mean a coin worth about 2.5 cents.
Who can find the ancient toilet?!?!

This sign shows the water level of Hezekiah’s Tunnel. Good thing my legs are so long, I mean not long.

Roomie Lauren and Me frolicking through the tunnel
The tunnel was pretty skinny and pretty awesome. As you can see by how wet Emma’s pants are, that’s about how deep the water was at the beginning.
When we came out of the tunnel, we were splishin’ n splashin’ in the Pool of Siloam. Here’s Brother Wilson, who was one of the big splisher splashers.
Alaska!!! I love AK so much. There are four of us Alaskans here at the JC this semester. We’re taking over.

Since we were already wet, Anne, Stefanie, and I decided we’d just plop down and have a little seat in the pool. So we did. Then we decided to lay down.
Since I was on the bottom, everything but my face was under the water. I was completely soaked. It was awesome. I love water so so much. It is one of my most favorite things in the world.

some cool members of the Jeru Crew

Yay! More bug pictures!

This is what I was looking after the field trip, and what I look at everyday. Jerusalem is the coolest. I love being here so so much.

with Stephanie, my Egypt roomie

The chaco craze has clearly hit the JC students. They’re just so perfect over here.

I love field trips. I loved going through Hezekiah’s Tunnel because I love water. I love being in water. I really miss the ocean. I also got to see an area where Lehi and his family probably lived before they left Jerusalem. Wow. And I got to walk where Christ and the apostles walked today. I walked on the actual stones he would’ve walked on. Amazing? Yes.