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1 April 2009

Roomies! I love my JC roomies. We’re in Akko, where there are a bunch of Crusader remains, as I’m sure you can tell from the vaulted ceilings and massive pillars. :) Shamra loves Crusader architecture.
Then we went to a mosque.
They are beautiful inside.
Then on our way to the sea, we walked through a market where there were lots of dead fishies. Classic smell.
So happy to be at sea! I do love the Mediterranean.
And I love Kara Van Wagenen and Marianne Gold.
I especially love posing for pictures with them.
We left the Mediterranean, the beautiful sea, and went to some Jewish tombs. Angie and I took a purple picture. She’s so wonderful.
Stone coffin. :)
Dead faces. Human menorah.
Outside the synagogue. No, it’s not called a synagogue. This definitely isn’t a synagogue. What’s it called? I can’t think of the word. Sepulcher? Cenotaph? Maybe I’ll just say tomb.
Before we ended this slightly shorter field trip, Moon was jammin’ to her pod and dancing on the wall. Moon… love her.
We went back to Ein Gev and I again found myself wandering down the beach. I came across a dead bird and surrounded it with little shells.
Then I covered it with grass. Little birdie is now resting in peace. This place makes me so happy.
I walked in the water where Jesus walked in shoes that probably looked kind of like his. It was the best.
Our last night in Galilee… we had a bonfire with everyone! All of the guys attacked Moon and had a funny little mock trial. But poor Moon ended up with peanut butter and barbeque sauce on her. She had to shower, which she didn’t really want to do. :) But still, Galilee = nothing but good times.

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