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3 November 2009

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a frazzle dazzled morning

3 November 2009
This all started when I left the house a couple minutes late, mainly because I have very few time management skills. Note to self: be on time. 

Read this story. It will no doubt make your day.
My story goes like this…
     It is pouring down rain, my bike seat is soaked. But I need to get to class, and fast, so that I do not miss my test. I figure I better just ride to school standing up and not sitting on the seat. However, my skirt manages to get wet anyways.

     So I’m getting pretty close to my class, making good time, but there’s a big speed bump in the road. I do not slow down. I stay standing and zoom over the speed bump at top speed. Bad idea. Really bad idea.
     My notebook comes flying out of my bike basket, opens in the middle of the road, with papers falling out. Meanwhile, I do the same thing as my notebook. My handlebars are turning and I cannot turn with them. What to do?!? My bike pulls away from me, we’re going in opposite directions. Next thing I know, I have fallen off and am standing distraught, a lone girl on a rainy street.
     I look at my dear bike, askew on the ground. I look at my notebook, open in the middle of the street, papers soaking up water. I look at myself, quite disheveled, quite moist, and somewhat frazzle dazzled. 
     Out of fear, I do not get back on my bike. I hold on to the handlebars and try to run. It doesn’t really work. But then I make it to the bike rack. As I lock up my bike, I lock some hairs in with it. They pull out of my head and it doesn’t feel that good. 
     Then I notice that my back is getting wet. Great. My water bottle has opened in my bag. I am already wet enough. Everything is wet.
     So I run upstairs to class, sit in a chair, and rip out a piece of paper to take the test. Fortunately I only miss the first few questions, which the teacher repeats for me.
    Then he asks, “Is it still raining?
    I reply, “Yes. It’s raining.”

I am a little frazzle dazzled. Needless to say, I am grateful of course. Because this was quite funny. Aren’t you grateful this happened too? I bet all of the people that saw this event occur are grateful as well, because I’m sure I made them chuckle. I hope you’re chuckling too.
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genie pants and giraffe shoes

3 November 2009
Today I am grateful for this.
My genie pants and giraffe shoes.
This is what my legs and feet wore today. Isn’t it happy?
     Normally I don’t wear my genie pants in public in America, mostly just in Jerusalem, but a couple weeks ago I saw a girl wearing genie pants quite similar to mine, and realized that I should wear mine too! So I am grateful for that girl, because she reminded me how cool my genie pants really are.
     And I’m grateful for my beautiful green genie pants because they make want to frolic more than any other item of clothing I have. They are excellent frolic pants. And I am most grateful for frolicking, because it is happy.
     I am grateful for my little giraffe print shoes too, because they are darling and make me want to jump into the air and click my heels. And that is just what I do! And I am grateful for my legs and feet so I can do just that in these little giraffes.
     I am grateful for my genie pants and giraffe shoes for a plethora of reasons, and I am also very grateful for the word “plethora.” It’s one of my favorites. But I am so grateful for my little genie pants and giraffe shoes because of the smiles they put on my face and the frolicking they put in my path. Mahalo mahalo.