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6 January 2010


Happy Epiphany!

6 January 2010

Today celebrates the Wise Men coming from afar and giving gifts to Baby Jesus. I wanted to give gifts today too, but I didn’t really. My excuse is that I flew 2500 miles over the Pacific Ocean. But I know, I should’ve planned ahead.

Classes started today. I missed them. Oops.
I got back a day late, but I saved $150 on airfare! :)
Not a bad choice I think.
Dear Stacy, I squished a dumb, creepy bug on your pillow. Sorry. And yes, it is good to be back here. I am really enjoying my alone time for the week, but I still kind of miss you Sister, especially that hat you wear in my race car bed.
P.S. I actually squished the bug on the ceiling, not on your pillow, unfortunately. 
P.P.S. ONE YEAR AGO today, I was on my way to Jerusalem, beginning the greatest journey of my life. I miss it so much, and nope, I will never stop missing it. You can’t. 

 Moi exactly one year ago in the airport with my new pink pillow, headed to the Holy Land.