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25 January 2010

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I painted this girl

25 January 2010
for TEN hours…
And look at her now!
Have you ever seen such a beautiful bike?
Oh my goodness I love her so much!
(Unfortunately she still has a flat.)
I spent my whole weekend sitting on my living room floor, watching movies, and painting Lola a beautiful rainbow of yellow, pink, blue, orange, purple, and green.
I can’t wait to ride her again, to ring my little bell, to fill my basket full of goodies, to hear the beads hit the spokes. Oh Lola, I love you.
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set apart

25 January 2010

Sister and I decided to go for a Sunday evening stroll on the beach.
And of course we came back with lots of pictures!

P.S. My presidency and I finally got set apart today.
Makes me so grateful for the priesthood
and so grateful for my wonderful bishopric.

I love church.
Had hours and hours of meetings today.
But I like it.
They come with the new calling,
Relief Society president.
Which I also really really love a lot.
A lot.