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February 2010

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Tsunami Tsaturday continued

28 February 2010
Woke up at 4 am to sister rolling over and telling me to get up because there was a tsunami. Started packing a bag of random stuff to try and survive a natural disaster.
We left the house at 6 am (why?), went to Stacy’s friend’s house, and then to high grounds at about 8. Here at these high grounds (the little hill behind the temple) there were about a million cars.

This is where we camped out here for 6 hours. Kinda fun. Kinda boring. Pretty long. So happy Anita was there with us. Love that girl.

The “TSUNAMI” came around noon. Do not be deceived by their faces. We couldn’t even see the two inch wave from there. Very fortunately there was no damage done on this island.

After a long hot day in the sun, we climbed back down the hill and went home.

We celebrated the end of tsunami warning with a delicious fajita night and some coconut m&ms. Glad to have gotten this lesson on preparedness and glad nothing happened. Praying for the people in Chile and Argentina, where things did happen.
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Tsunami Tsaturday

27 February 2010

Preparing for 11:19 am.
Big wave coming for Hawaii from 8.9 earthquake in Chile.
No idea what to pack.
No idea what’s going on.
But I feel okay about it all.
So so glad my sister is here.

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Extra! Extra!

27 February 2010
So there’s this new movie called Soul Surfer. It’s about the surfer girl Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm to a shark a few years ago. Guess who’s starring in it…
We were extras for the movie today! We just were in some group random scenes and it was neato and I learned a lot. And I saw Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt, who also star in the movie.
But it was one looooong day. Started before sunrise and finally finished after this beautiful sunset.
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This is how my days begin…

25 February 2010

with a rooster cockadoodledooing up a storm outside my window.
I like it though. Yes… I like it very much.

Those silly roosters and chickens get me out of bed so I can go for a little run on the beach!

P.S. Guess who I get to see tonight…
I’ll give you one word… MATISYAHU!

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George Washington!

23 February 2010

It’s Georgie Washington’s birthday today!!!
I celebrated by eating Washington apples, doing George Washington hair (see left), and worked on being a better president.
I just love celebrating.

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hospital visit

22 February 2010

I really love being Relief Society president.
I love it so much.

Tonight I had the opportunity to go to the hospital with these peeps and visit one of the sisters there who just had surgery. Took her home teachers with us and gave her a blessing. What beautiful experiences I’m being blessed with and great chances to give service.

I am just learning so much every day from my new calling. Yes I’ve got a lot a lot more to do, but it has been such a blessing in my life.
I really really love it.

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Beautifully Happy

21 February 2010

This was my day today.


This was the other part of my day.

And this was the morning.
Homemade acai bowl.
Delicious and nutritious.

I surely love life here at BYU Hawaii.

But holy moly, I miss Jerusalem so much it hurts.
Watching these youtube videos of fellow Jerusalemers (One Day 1One Day 2Flashback 1Flashback 2Flashback 3) makes me wish I had a time machine so badly, so I could go back and do it all again. And a time machine would just be really cool in general.

Aside from time machines, I just bought this blessed song on itunes. Makes me miss Jerusalem even more.

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Thursday Adventure

19 February 2010

I got done with class at 11 this morning. You know what that means…. adventure time!

Hayley and I hiked up to Makapu’u Lighthouse.
It was niiiice and windy.
And I was barefoot.
I loved it.

We even saw some humpback whales out yonder.

I also tried meditating in an old bunker.

Then we cruised around Kailua, found a sweet awesome marvelous health food store, ate a burrito, went to a thrift store, and got an acai bowl. How perfectly delightful is that?

And we listened to lots of sweet jams in the car too.
The Gambler by Fun was repeated many a time.
Listen to it. You will like it very much.

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I love presidents.

16 February 2010

And I especially love days that are dedicated to them, days such as Presidents Day!

My roommate Hayley and I picked up our goodie friends Kenze and Lauren and cruised on down to Town. We dropped then off at Waikiki to go surfing and then we saw the sign for Diamond Head, so we very spontaneously decided to hike on up there. Twas so beautiful. I love this island.

Later I went to the Polynesian Cultural Center with Anita to watch our dearest friend Rachael dance. And guess who else we ran into there… April! Oh I love those girlies.

I went to FHE tonight too and played some neato Capture the Flag.

Aaaaannnndddd…. Hayley and I had a super awesome dance party. It was most hilarious dance party ever. You should check out our video appropriately entitled “Spontaneity” on my facebook. I love dance parties, and presidents, and knee slaps.

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Kona Temple!

14 February 2010

After three hours of sleep and a little plane ride from Oahu to the Big Island, I went here, to the beautiful Kona Temple. Our temple in Laie has been closed for a year, so my ward planned a trip to the temple on Big Island. About 25 of us went and we had such a wonderful time.

After baptisms we really had nothing to do but sit around the temple grounds and laugh and take random pictures and have some serious bonding moments. I had such a good good good time.

This was just the start of endless laughing this weekend. I’ve never slapped my knee so many times. Love it love it. 
We played in a lava tube for a bit, then back to the plane…
My Saturday didn’t end there though. Sister and I went to Foodfest too! 
I love Foodfest!
Oh yeah… I made 70 Valentines cupcakes for Relief Society too. That was one loooong day, but oh so good.
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Be an Explorer.

10 February 2010

This evening Hayley and I went for a run/walk/exploration. We went from Bikini Beach all the way to Pounders. There’s like a little coral bridge that you can walk on that connects the two beaches.
It’s magical.
I also found a big pillar and tried meditating on it. And I found a sweet sandy camo hat, which I proceeded to wear for the rest of the exploration.
I really love exploring, and realized how much more I need to do that.

My day has been pretty grand, but the best part was my HAPPY BOX from my favorite twins! Those twins sure are good at mail (so is Ting) and I love it so much!
They sent me:
some yummy yummy wicked awesome chunky almond butter,
random funny candies and games, 
delicious granola,
funny necklaces,
sweet awesome gelly hearts.,
and lots of other magical things.
Mahaaaaaalo favorite twins!
Oh I love those girls.
This was a pretty great Tuesday.
I hope yours was excellent as well.
Oh an one other thing… I love 5th grade Stacy. 
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7 February 2010

Saturday brought much happiness,

because Bishop Gold brought his kayak to the ward activity!

I was so happy out there! 
Just chillin’ in the Pacific Ocean, all by myself, right on the water. 
Twas magical.

I miss kayaking, especially with my favorite ol’ Dad.
We have such good adventures. 
I can’t wait for more this summer.
Nothing but good things ahead.

P.S. A happy happy birthday to my dear friend Alex.

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Old Days

6 February 2010

My dear friend Ting just posted this picture.
He would take so many beautiful pictures of us all.

I love these good old days.
And I really love all these people.

P.S. Exactly one year ago I discovered love nuts in Jericho. Oh how that moment changed the rest of my time in the Holy Land.
I was addicted to those things, as is clearly demonstrated in this post.
I have overcome my addiction, which is probably for the best, since I know longer have access to those little bits of Heaven.

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4 February 2010

Today I hiked to this wonderful lighthouse,
with these wonderful people,
Stacy and Medusa.

Wait, that’s not Medusa, that’s me and the wind!
I really really love wind.

Today’s windiness reminded me of when I was in the Galilee.
I was so in love with the wind there.

I was in love with everything there.
Especially with this day, and this moment.
This was honestly one of the best days ever.
I was in such a beautiful place,
with beautiful people,
learning beautiful things,
being beautifully happy.

I can’t seem to get over this homesickness for Jerusalem.
I don’t think I ever will… and I don’t want to.

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3 February 2010

I love February.
Tis such a loving month.
To celebrate this month and this time of St. Valentine, I made magical red popsicles!

I made some orange juice,
blended a bunch of frozen strawberries,
mixed them together,
filled tiny little cups full of my magical mixture,
put cute little plastic silverware in the cups,
stuck them in the freezer,
and BAM!
OJ Strawberry Popsicles!

Yum yum. What a delightfully fruity treat.