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Tsunami Tsaturday continued

28 February 2010
Woke up at 4 am to sister rolling over and telling me to get up because there was a tsunami. Started packing a bag of random stuff to try and survive a natural disaster.
We left the house at 6 am (why?), went to Stacy’s friend’s house, and then to high grounds at about 8. Here at these high grounds (the little hill behind the temple) there were about a million cars.

This is where we camped out here for 6 hours. Kinda fun. Kinda boring. Pretty long. So happy Anita was there with us. Love that girl.

The “TSUNAMI” came around noon. Do not be deceived by their faces. We couldn’t even see the two inch wave from there. Very fortunately there was no damage done on this island.

After a long hot day in the sun, we climbed back down the hill and went home.

We celebrated the end of tsunami warning with a delicious fajita night and some coconut m&ms. Glad to have gotten this lesson on preparedness and glad nothing happened. Praying for the people in Chile and Argentina, where things did happen.

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