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March 2010

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Passing Over

31 March 2010

Twas Passover today (and pretty full moon). I didn’t really celebrate though. It’s not as easy celebrating Jewish holidays when you’re not living in a Jewish state.
I surely had a Passover feast last year though. I even sang Hebrew songs and read translated Hebrew stories too. How awesome is that.

But today I read in the New Testament about Jesus and his apostles’ Passover feast. That night was His last night before he was crucified, the night He suffered for every pain and every sin and for every person in the world.
So blessed that I got to go to Jerusalem and study these stories on site, where they happened about 2000 years ago. So blessed.

Wish I had some sort of Passover party today. All I did mostly was go to class. Nutrition, soccer, and peacebuilding. I maybe did a little bit of homeworks/hdub today too. Not the most eventful Passover, but still a good day of course.

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Palm Sunday!

30 March 2010

This day is so much more special to me since a year ago, when I got to do the Palm Sunday processional walk in JERUSALEM, on a hot hot sunny day, with thousands of other devoted Christians.

Just as Christ’s followers did 2000 years ago, we carried palm leaves and walked from Bethphage to St. Anne’s church inside Lion’s Gate. What an incredible experience. I’m just so blessed to have learned and enjoyed all I have with such good people.

I talked with Bishop after church today. He is so so wonderful. So inspired and guided by the spirit. Was so comforting and encouraging talking with him. Talked to him about some good Relief Society stuffs and also… about going on a mission, which I’m doing this fall. Crazy. But so good. So exciting.

Also had a super fabulous vegan feast party with the neighbors and fellow vegetarian type peoples. Absolutely lovely. Hopefully we’ll have another one next week for Easters!

Don’t forget to read the post about my dear birthday sister who I love muchos. :)

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And so it goes… Prince Kuhio Day

27 March 2010

I love Hawaiian state holidays, especially Prince Kuhio Day. No class and our Black and White ward dinner dance activity.
Since I’ve got a sweet ride and a costco card, I took the boys to Costcoland this morning to get foods for the activity. Then help set up for it in the ballroom and fun stuffs.

Had quite a lovely time with the activity. Helped clean up at the end and did a lot of piano playing in the ballroom. Twas marvelous. I must do more piano fun.

P.P.S. I bought And So It Goes on itunes. Billy Joel is the man.
As is Prince Kuhio!

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Meet Stacy

25 March 2010

This is my sister. Today we are celebrating her day of birth. What a beautifully joyous day. I love birthdays so much. I love sister too.

Here is a random list of things I love about my sister dear:
-her good belly laugh
-her rocking back and forth and knee slap when things are especially humorous
-her shuffle, both of feet and of shovel
-her good aunty-ness
-her compassion for animals and people
-her spider/cockroach dreams
-her hearts
-her playing dumb about computer things so I’ll do them for her
-her blogging
-her curry and her potatoes :)
-her cottage love
-her sporting her new sunglasses
-her musketeerishness
-her pebbles hair
-her toe
-her on top of it – ness
-her family devotion
-her books
-her m&m love
-her dinosaur
-her eyebrow raising
-her timeliness
-her products and supplies she lets me steal
-her attempt at accents
-her in her blue aloha work shirt
-her sharing acai with me
-her beach dedication and love
-her being called boy
-her muted side of the closet
-her cockroach killing skills
-being able to do everything with her
-and I especially love her love for me

I just love this girl so much. I think I love her more than I realize. It’s so nice seeing her everyday. It’s so nice going to bed with my last words for the day being, “Goodnight, love you.” Things are just so good.
Hoppy Birthday Sister Dear.

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all nighter… here I come!

24 March 2010

I’m not a big fan of the ends of semesters. Too much to do. Too many papers to write, exams to study for, projects to do. Maybe I should start working on semester projects earlier in the semester. Yes. I should.

P.S. A year ago I had just stopped at Caesarea Maritima to reunite with the sea, the Mediterranean Sea. We were headed to Galilee, where I had some of the best times of life. Never stop missing it.

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best spring break ever

23 March 2010
My bestie friend Carla boy came here to Hawaii for her Spring Break. I don’t have a spring break, but I skipped so many classes while she was here that it was practically like I had no school! We all had so muchos fun. I really miss that girl. He’s oodles of pictures of the fun we had.

Carla boy got here Sunday night. Yay! We are little boys in this picture.

A week of sleeping three people in two beds. It’s kind of awesome. Kind of not.

Monday was my birthday! I went to one class and skipped two. We were happy about that.

While Carla was here, we did cartwheels…

and heel clicks…
We picked flowers…
and posed with them…
and we did some posing without them.

We took pictures at bus stops…

and in abandoned buildings.

It was a very happy birthday thanks to my loved ones.

Especially when I got to make wishes. I love that.

The next day we had another very lovely photo shoot.

So glad dear Sister was here for this one.

Quite happy Carla was there too.

Then came St. Patrick’s Day! We played on the beach…

and explored Chinatown…

stopped at Pearl Harbor for a few minutes…

and found a super awesome Goodwill. I love that place.

Thursday commenced with an early morning barefoot hike into the mountains. How lovely.

Around midday we went the fabulous Polynesian Cultural Center, along with some cross dressers who we discretely took this picture of as they were behind us.

That evening we made some spectacular cookies. Thank you Mother dear!

After going to one class on Friday, Carla and I went on another barefoot hike through the jungle…

where we jumped off a rock into a cascading waterfall. Yay!

Went to the movies that night too. I like movies.

Adventure Saturday! The Three Musketeers and our two movie star friends did the Makapuu hike.

C Dawg and I spotted some sailboats!

Stacy spotted some pools of water that we need to go further explore.

We did some Waikiki action too and ate way too many chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

Sunday we churched it up of course and I took Carla boy to the airport that evening. Sad to say goodbye yet again. Why do we always have to say goodbye? I miss that girl a lot. But at least I’ve still got the other musketeer here with me.

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16 March 2010

An entire day devoted to celebrating myself… how wonderful is that! Birthdays are nothing but glorious.
Started my day with a lovely beach run.
Went to one class. Skipped two.
Came home to a beautifully decorated house.
Had a photo shoot with my favorite Carla girl.
Enjoyed a little party with my three favorite amigas.
Open some very lovely presents.
Ate some magically delicious chocolate.
More peeps came over later for cake.
I made wishes.
They’ll come true.

I love being 21. 

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14 March 2010

broken is my phone
broken is my communication avec mi amigos
hoping and praying for little phone to fix itself soon

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I love mail!

14 March 2010

My 21st birthday is coming soon!
I’m getting some sweet mail for the occasion.
I love mail so much. I need to send muchos more of it. I will.

Got an incredible box of happy birthday-ness from Alexis and Elena, and got a sweet box from Holly and Mom too.

Oh it makes me so happy!

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Runnin’ for Haiti

7 March 2010

Sister and I did the 5k fundraiser run for Haiti today!

Everyone pays $10 each for Haiti, then you get a sweet t-shirt, and you run 3 miles. What a glorious way to spend Saturday morning!
Praying for those in Haiti… and Chile… and Jerusalem too.
P.S. I love Saturdays, especially when they involve acai bowls with movie star friends, watching the new Alice in Wonderland, yummy dinner, and skipping out on Culture Night to watch movies and paint with Anito. Mahalo Saturday.
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Rainbow State

6 March 2010
I love living here in the Rainbow State. It’s so beautiful. Got to see a huge, full, double rainbow today after playing at Costco with my two buddies.
I love Costco. Stacy and I eat mostly produce, so it’s way cheaper getting it at Costco land then at Foodland.
We went to Culture Night too. Excellent. So good. 

I love love love this school and all these cultures so much.
And yay! Culture Night came with lots of free glow sticks! You know I love those too! Like a lot.
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chunk o’ scalp

6 March 2010

Hope this picture doesn’t gross you out at all. :) But my head got super sunburned last week when I was an extra in the movie and the day after that when I was sitting outside all day waiting for the tsunami.

So now my scalp is peeling, in big chunks. Naturally I had to take a picture so I could blog about it for your enjoyment.

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5 March 2010
Anita and I got this email today:

Please stop by my office at BYUH Security on a matter now pending. 

Helaman M. Ka'onohi 
Assistant Manager of Security 
Brigham Young University Hawaii

We climbed on the roof a few days ago, just for kicks, just to reminisce about the good ol’ days when all us Dead Tree friends got up there and star gazed, but now….
there’s a camera right that spies on you, and it got a nice little picture of me and Anita girl (not the one below by the way. We took this beauty up there ourselves.)
So we had to go in and talk to security and pay a $20 fine and say we won’t climb on the roof again. Funnnnnny! But to my fellow students at BYUH, don’t get on the roof of Little Theater. 
Not only will you get an email from security, but you’ll also get one from Honor Code that says this:

Aloha Chelsea,
Please come into the Office of Honor ASAP to meet with one of the advisors.
Cody, Assistant 
Office of Honor

We definitely had $20 worth of fun though. I'd recommend it. 
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Meet Lloyd

4 March 2010

This is my shower right by my front door. Notice the dark spot in the upper corner? 
That’s Lloyd. He’s a giant cane spider who came to visit. 

P.S. I saw Moon today. I love her. And we love Jerusalem. 

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Celebrate Ting

4 March 2010

Today is my goodie friend Ting’s birthday!

I love birthdays (especially my own, which is coming up in less than two weeks). Your birthday is an entire day devoted to celebrating you and your birth and your place in the world.
Though dearest Ting is not here in Hawaii, I am still celebrating him on this beloved March 3rd. I wrote him two birthday cards today, which will be sent out tomorrow (sorry nothing is on time), and I am getting a box together to send as well, also which is not on time. I wish I were more on top of it and his birthday goods were already in California. Oh well, better late than never. 
Just wanted to blog today about my good friend Ting. He’s such a wonderful friend. I sure miss that crazy dude a lot.
Happy Birthday Ernie.